BAM Key Details: 

  • A new partnership between Plunk and SentriLock is part of the latter’s focus on becoming more than just a lockbox provider and creating tools that complement the tech used by agents on a daily basis, enabling them to better serve buyers and sellers. 
  • Realtors® who use the SentriLock app can now access Plunk’s AI-powered home valuation and market insights as an upgrade feature, saving them hours of preparation before each property showing. 

As the official lockbox solution for the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR)—and an essential part of a REALTOR®’s tech stack—SentriLock prioritizes security, convenience, and reliability. 

And now, thanks to their new partnership with Plunk, their app can go above and beyond to help REALTORS® in the field access accurate property valuations, as well as the latest market data and neighborhood analytics. 

Here’s what you can expect from these two industry innovators working together. 

Clearing the fog (and the BS)

With Plunk making a name for itself as the first real-time analytics platform for residential real estate, it’s not surprising other real estate tech leaders would show an interest. 

This partnership will put AI-powered property valuation and real-time market data at the fingertips of REALTORS® using the SentriLock app, making reliable data readily accessible at a time when real estate agents and their clients are scrambling to make sense of the rapid and confusing shifts in the market (not to mention misleading and/or politicized headlines). 

Realtors® using SentriLock can now tap into Plunk’s real-time info on real estate trends, home values, and other key housing market indicators, saving them hours of prep before showings. Agents using the app will also be better able to educate their clients on what’s happening in their local market and even their immediate neighborhood. 

For example, think of the ice-breaker you’ll have at your disposal for cold calling and door knocking if you know a home in the neighborhood just sold for well over the asking price. 

Or what if a home that’s been owned by the same people for decades just went on the market? Their neighbors are likely to take interest—and welcome the opportunity for a more intimate showing of the property. 

With the SentriLock app, not only can you provide that VIP treatment, you can now use the Plunk upgrade feature to access accurate valuation data for homes in the neighborhood, as well as reliable, real-time neighborhood analytics. 

The more you establish yourself as “the agent who knows the (local) market better than most,” the easier it will be to earn the trust of buyers and sellers in your market. And with tools like SentriLock and Plunk together in one app, you’ll find it easier (and faster) to find the most relevant and up-to-date market information. 

It’s up to you to articulate that information as clearly and memorably as possible. But seeing it visually represented with a portable app makes it easier to share the data people need to make smart decisions. 

Top takeaways for real estate agents

Any tool that helps you go above and beyond for the buyers and sellers in your market is worth checking out. If you’re a REALTOR®, you likely already know about SentriLock and its functionality for agents. 

But you may not be aware of what the latest upgrade can do to help you better educate your clients and prospects—thanks to this timely and forward-thinking partnership. 

Make some time to check it out and put it to the test. And don’t be shy about showing off your tech to curious homeowners and buyers in your area. It just shows you’re willing to invest in the right tools.