Just when you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to real estate reality shows… 

Ryan Serhant, CEO of SERHANT. brokerage is taking the lead in his very own reality show. Owning Manhattan will give viewers an immersive inside look into the glittering, high-stakes world of New York luxury real estate. 

It’s got drama. It’s got humor. It’s got fabulously flawed human beings—with next-level skills.

Follow Serhant and his elite army of real estate agents as they compete to secure Manhattan’s most exclusive listings, including the most expensive apartment on the planet. 

Netflix will launch all eight episodes of the series on June 28, 2024. 

Watch the trailer on Instagram for a sneak peek. And mark your calendar for some aspirational and popcorn-worthy entertainment on June 28th. 

The Owning Manhattan team

The Netflix Tudum blog provides brief bios and social links for each of the real estate powerhouses on the Owning Manhattan team, starting with Ryan Serhant himself. 

Unfortunately, the list does not include a social link for Jonathan, who is a new addition to the SERHANT. team. As soon as we find one, we’ll link up his name. 

Check out the Tudum article for more information. And tune in on June 28th.