Here’s the good news. Football is back and after Labor Day weekend, so is everyone else. 

From mid-June through the first weekend of September, it seems like the entire world is on vacation, especially when you need to contact them. Oh, your client needs to DocuSign something that expires in 24 hours? Sorry, they are in Tahiti with no service and no WiFi. You need to have an emergency call with the other agent to go over the request for repairs? Sorry, he/she is blacked out in the Hamptons, but you can talk to the 18-year-old on their team who got licensed yesterday! 

Now, after this weekend there are no excuses until people disappear again for the holidays. It’s GO-TIME! 

Let’s get into some content ideas for this September…


September 4th: Labor Day

WARNING: Every three-day weekend SUCKS for engagement. So don’t fret when the numbies are down a little over the next few days. Having said that, here are a few LBD post/Reel ideas:

  1. For those who are NOT going out of town, film a Reel about the best staycation spots.
  2. Hidden restaurant gems/spots that won’t be too packed for this weekend.
  3. Highlight some LBD sales that might apply to your clientele. (Use the discount code “LABOR” for 15% off your BAMx subscription!)
  4. Talk about how while everyone is barbequing, you’re hosting a secret open house for the “real” buyers.
  5. Showcase a listing that would make for a great LBD weekend celebration/BBQ spot.
  6. Talk about what Labor Day actually means, its history, and finish it with the classic, “But this holiday doesn’t apply to Realtors” joke.

Now for some fake holidays:

September 28th: National Good Neighbor Day

  1. Do a local charity spotlight
  2. Film a Reel about tips to “be a good neighbor” for your new home-owner clients: respecting noise levels, tidy yard, etc.
  3. Good neighbor stories. 
  4. Highlight local businesses, you know the classics!

September 30th: National Disaster Preparedness Day

If you are in a disaster-prone area, I would definitely post some helpful content around this. Whether it’s hurricane prep, tornado prep, flooding, earthquake, etc., you can and should be a go-to resource in your community. Let people know what numbers to call, where to turn for help, and where they can help in neighborhoods hit hard by natural disasters. Also, let people know how they can prepare their house.


Instagram is the absolute worst. Reels either go viral or completely flop. Stories either pop or get no views whatsoever, audio disappears out of nowhere, and spammers flood our comment sections with any mention of the word “real estate.” 

My advice is to continue to post consistently and to continue to post a variety of content to successfully ride the ebbs and flows of the IG algorithm. When you notice your Reels are performing worse, start peppering in standard Feed posts and carousels. Or, try what Massive Agent is doing and use a cover slide for your posts. 

More importantly than IG, focus on growing your YouTube channel and email list. The conversion rate is way higher, and you don’t have to deal with a new algorithm every day that may or may not show your posts to people.

To stay on top of all of this make sure you join our private community, BAMx, where we have new courses every month (including my IG courses), exclusive livestreams, and a Facebook Group to network and share ideas with. We have a Labor Day sale for 15% off (use code LABOR) for the next three days so get in there now! 


Football is back. Thank the lord. College has already started, and the NFL kicks off on September 7th. Other than that we got the Ryder Cup (golf) on September 28th and the final month of regular season baseball. 

Here are some football-related post ideas:

  1. Showcase listings with amazing game-watching set-ups 
  2. Let people know you’re going to have the game on at your open houses
  3. Do ticket giveaways
  4. Host a tailgate with your branding on beer cozies 
  5. Have your followers predict the score in your comments for more giveaways
  6. Show yourself at games for personal content


Star Wars came out with a new mini-series called Ashoka (it’s terrible but I’ll still watch it because I’m a nerd). Oppenheimer/Barbie memes have died down. But, political memes are ramping up as we head closer to the election and deeper into the Republican primaries.

My advice: post political content at your own risk. If you go heavy on one side the people who agree with you will love you more, but the people who don’t will hate you. Up to you if you want to potentially alienate some clientele.

I mostly avoid political content unless it’s CLEARLY a neutral post and I’m just using the figure as the expression or the meme.

The BAMx Labor Day Sale ends Monday! Use discount code “LABOR” for 15% off your subscription. 


Here are the sounds trending on TikTok this month.

#1— Panic Attack

As agents, we deal with panic-inducing scenarios all the time.

#2—Someone Cooked Here

 Funny sound to utilize when things aren’t the way you left them, or when clients seem to know a little too much about real estate. 

#3— Laugh When People Cry 

Great sound to poke fun at people who shouldn’t be in this industry.

@survivorisms ma’am its not that deep that I don’t know who my doctor in 2007 was #survivor #survivortiktok #survivorgabon #survivor17 @Survivor @Corinne Kaplan #thetribehasspoken #jeffprobst #corinnekaplan ♬ original sound - survivorisms