Forget cooler temps and pumpkin spice; fall means one thing: football season is upon us. 

Whether you’re a fan of the sport or not, it’s safe to say that any marketing strategy involving football will gain traction. 

Here are seven real estate marketing ideas for football season.

Sponsor a Team

The DJ & Lindsey Real Estate Team are the official real estate agents for the Jacksonville Jaguars. As a sponsor, they work with the team’s coaches and players moving in and out of Jacksonville. Plus, being aligned with the NFL means their team name is seen by the masses. And we all know that type of exposure is priceless. 

Considering there are only 32 teams in the NFL, becoming a sponsor of a pro team might be a tad out of reach for most. But there are plenty of sponsorship opportunities when it comes to sports:

  • Find out what it takes to sponsor a college team. Some of these games get as much visibility as NFL games. 
  • Connect with your local high school and offer to sponsor the homecoming game. 
  • Talk with the organizer of a youth football team to learn how you can support them. 

Once a sponsor, show your face and connect with as many people in the stands as you can at games. Sponsoring the teams important to your local community can be just as effective as working with a team in the NFL. 

Host a Tailgate or Watch Party

Another way DJ and Lindsey use their sponsorship with the Jacksonville Jaguars is to build team culture. They do this by throwing tailgates for agents and employees at the eight games they take part in at the stadium. 

You can take this idea and tailor it to your needs, whether aiming to thank past clients, build team relationships, or attract new leads. 

Organize a tailgate at a game near you, or throw a watch party if you want to include more people. Go all out with snacks, prizes, and raffles—and be sure that everything is branded with your logo. 

Ticket Giveaways 

You can also host a contest for ticket giveaways. 

Here’s a genius idea from The Broke Agent: 

Want to get YouTube subscriptions or email subscribers? Create a lead page and do a ticket giveaway to an NFL or college game. All they have to do is submit their email and subscribe to your YouTube channel, and you will announce a random winner on Instagram Live. It’s great content, it’s fun for your followers, and it builds your lists.

The Broke Agent


Drop-bys are a great way to keep in touch with your sphere. If you know someone is a huge fan of a particular team, send them a new hat or jersey the weekend of a big game.  

You can also devise a drop-by for your entire sphere with a Super Bowl Sunday kit: chips and guac, football-themed plates and napkins, and a six-pack is sure to make everyone happy. Add a personalized note, and they’ll be talking about you to all of their friends during the game. 

Guess the Score

The topic of football always boosts engagement on social media. 

Pick an upcoming game, and ask your followers to guess the score in the comments of a post. Throw in a gift card to a restaurant for the closest guess, and watch the comments flood in. All those comments are good for the algorithm—and it will place you top of mind for your sphere. 

Fantasy Football Votes

Similar to “guess the score,” you can engage your audience by asking them to vote for who should be in your fantasy football lineup. 

Do this weekly, and people will keep returning to your page to find out how your fantasy team is doing and cast a vote for the next game. Mix in educational content throughout the week, and people who were drawn in by your football talk will soon learn you are the knowledge broker in your market. 

Trendjack all Season Long

Every year, there are phenomenal football clips that go viral. Be on the lookout for these clips, and use them to trendjack your way to more engagement. 

Here are a few from last year:

If turning clips into real estate-related memes isn’t your thing, check out our content platform for some ideas.