Ah, Ryan Serhant. We all know him: a luxury real estate powerhouse featured on Million Dollar Listing and Sell It Like Serhant and founder of SERHANT

Sure, he’s got some impressive sales stats and business acumen, but the real question on everyone’s mind has always been, “How the heck does he maintain such flawless skin and hair?”

We see him on our screens, looking like he just stepped out of a spa, while we’re over here looking like we’ve been hit by a bus after showing 11 houses and going to a sewer inspection. But fear not, because Ryan has graciously decided to share his secrets with us.

And he doesn’t hold anything back. Ryan shares all, from his method for maintaining a clear complexion to his favorite products to how he ensures he never looks pale under all those lights. 

Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to look as perfect as Ryan does all the time? I mean, who needs to worry about closing deals and making money when you can focus on achieving that perfect glow and never having a hair out of place?

So, get ready to take some notes, because Ryan Serhant’s skincare routine might just be the most important thing you learn today:

Follow this routine, and who knows, maybe you’ll be the next star of a real estate reality show with a complexion that could stop traffic.