This year’s Super Bowl commercials were like a star-studded blockbuster, with celebrities popping up around every corner. Tina Fey, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Hudson, Aubrey Plaza, Tom Brady, LL Cool J, Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, Martin Scorsese, Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon all made appearances (just to mention a few). Beyoncé even dropped new music in a Verizon ad, because, why not? 

But we’re not here to talk celebrities. We’re here to talk real estate. And this year, there were plenty of industry commercials during the Super Bowl. We break them all down below. 

CoStar’s New Ad Campaign

Last week, CoStar, parent company of and, announced a $1 billion marketing campaign for 2024—the biggest ever in real estate. They kicked off this campaign with not one, but four Super Bowl ads. 

And because it’s not a party without a VIP list, CoStar rolled out the red carpet for its own celeb squad. This includes Dan Levy for, who you might remember from that hilarious SNL Zillow skit in 2021. Coincidence? In the real estate world, we call that strategic casting.

Below are all four commercials for and


CoStar’s first Super Bowl commercial of the evening featured long-time spokesperson Jeff Goldblum as his alter ego, Brad Bellflower, who helps translate for aliens seeking rentals. As Bellflower is beamed up, he reminds every one that is “The place to find a place”—no matter what galaxy you’re from. 

“Now that is worth celebrating”

Next up, Dan Levy (Luke) and Heidi Gardner (Marci) pitch a new vision for to a boardroom of skeptics. Cue the dramatics: an over-the-top helicopter scene and a surprise drop-in by Lil Wayne. But Luke’s pièce de résistance? A 50-foot champagne bottle, flown in by none other than his helicopter for a toast. Luke ends the one-minute spot by introducing the brand’s slogan, “We’ve done your home work.” 

Of course, it’s no surprise the first board member to break the silence is’s Bellflower—who is an instant fan of the pitch. 

“A goldmine of local intel”

The next commercial spot from shows just how far the platform is willing to go to get local intel, as Luke and Marci go from hair salon to hair salon, getting all the best neighborhood info.

“Quick Question”

In the final commercial during the Super Bowl, Levy appeared on the football field in a mascot outfit while Gardner sat in the stands, each working to get insider information on the local school system. 

You can check out the entirety of’s new ad campaign here

Opendoor’s Live Ad

Opendoor also had a commercial during the big game—this one a live ad. Aired locally in Atlanta and streamed on the Opendoor website, the halftime showing featured a real-time home tour with a side of live commentary, illustrating how Opendoor makes all-cash offers.

Who was missing?

In a year marked by CoStar CEO Andy Florance‘s declaration that is gunning for the top spot among real estate portals, two real estate giants sat out the biggest advertising moment of the year.

That’s right—neither Zillow nor had commercials during the big game. We’ll be waiting to see every portal’s next play.