This week’s BAM Pro Bowl was a huge success and well worth repeating! If you missed it, the complete replay is in BAMx

Of course, it wouldn’t be a BAM event without a few surprises. To keep with the theme, we had Super Bowl-style commercials created by our brilliant sponsors: 

We hope they had as much fun making them as we enjoy watching them (on repeat). 

Take a look for yourself! And if you’re part of the BAMx community, let us know if you have any favorites. 

Mosaik – Hold on to Clients

Mosaik’s commercials were the talk of the BAM Pro Bowl, and it’s easy to see why. The production, storytelling and clear understanding of agents’ pain points stood out in each clip. 

Take a look for yourself to see what we mean:

Mosaik – Everybody’s Happy

Another pair of Mosaik ads put two agents in incredibly awkward situations to highlight the polar opposite feelings that come up when you have an “unfair advantage” over the competition and your business starts to soar. 


Bobby and Alan star in this commercial demonstrating two polar opposite approaches to running a real estate business—specifically with regard to whether you hire a virtual assistant through a company like Virtudesk (BAM’s #1 choice) or try to do it all yourself. 


Commercials for ReminderMedia show the kind of marketing they’re known for. And it’s not the cheesy postcard with images of real estate agents and homeowners shaking hands and smiling over a “Just Sold” sign. Because you deserve better. 

Stay Paid by ReminderMedia

Another ReminderMedia ad shows how their Stay Paid service can set you apart from the vast majority of agents spinning their wheels with mediocre marketing. 


Alan is back on screen to show the difference Vulcan7 makes when it comes to having more conversations and setting more appointments on a daily basis. 


At this point, Alan is everyone’s favorite agent, and he’s back and ready to do all the things—from podcasting to Reels to a live cold plunge. As he wallows in frustration from his lackluster results, Haley pops in to ask if he’s tried PropStream, telling him “It’ll actually help you sell more real estate.” 

From there, life gets a whole lot easier for Alan as he closes one deal after another—all thanks to PropStream