Jansen Brown, from Roanoke Virginia, finally passed the real estate exam after four attempts and began the process of interviewing at local brokerages.

We spoke to one (which preferred to remain anonymous) who detailed the interview from their perspective:

Jansen had a three year gap on his resume, but we weren’t going to hold that against him because of the pandemic. However, he had trouble answering some very basic questions and that is why decided to not hire him. First, we asked him why he wanted to get his real estate license and we were shocked by his response. He said…


I just really like houses. Always have. I’m also really passionate about helping people.


We paused for a moment thinking this might be a joke, but his stern face suggested that it was not. We pressed a little further and asked what he liked about the idea of generating business by himself. His response to this was also asinine:

I like the idea of being my own boss and that I get to work my own hours. The fact that there is no drug test is just icing on the cake.


Again, we waited for some sort of smirk or refuting statement, but nothing came. We ended the interview abruptly and told Jansen we would get back to him. On his way out of the office he took a local MLS Magazine, rolled it up, and put it in his back pocket like a baseball manager would do with a lineup card.  

After a quick google search it appears that he has joined Redfin.