All we hear about is how important vertical video is. 

  • You must post Reels.
  • You must post TikToks
  • You must YouTube Shorts

And seriously, if you want to grow on any of these major platforms today, you have to. But the question is, “What the hell do you post?” 

Believe it or not, most real estate agents aren’t natural content creators. You’re too busy attending appointments and selling actual houses to think about this. Good thing for you, I sucked at selling houses and now do this full time – whatever this is. 

Actually, I didn’t suck at selling houses. I just like doing this more. 

Anyway, I came up with ten vertical video ideas for you to post to Instagram, TikTok, YouTube Shorts, or whatever sick, dystopian, mind-controlling platform they come out with next. 

#1 –  “Just Sold” Wrap Up

Instead of posting “just sold” graphics every time you sell a home, do a wrap-up once you’ve sold three to ten homes. Upload pictures into a Reel for a couple seconds a piece, flashing them on the screen to showcase your work. 

At the beginning of the video, hook the audience by saying something like, “Here’s a quick snapshot of everything I’ve done and sold the last month.” It’s always best to show your face instead of an introductory graphic. 

#2 – Market Snapshot

This one is a no-brainer. Do a 30-second breakdown of your local market’s current condition: 

  • What’s inventory like? 
  • What’s the average offer situation?
  • What was the highest sale in a specific neighborhood?
  • What are the concerns of buyers and sellers?

Describe your experience and what’s going on. Maybe throw up a graphic with actual stats in green screen mode to make it more interactive. And have text pop up explaining what you’re saying so the audience can get a good visual. 

#3 – Educate Your Audience

Definitions are a good place to start. Look up terms on Google and do a video of yourself describing them to the audience. 

  • What’s a contingency period?
  • What is an earnest money deposit?
  • And when does it “go hard”?

Of course, it’s best if you do this in an entertaining way. The more you can change up your setting, the better. 

#4 – Tell a Real Estate War Story

Tell a real estate war story and a lesson you’ve learned. If you’ve been in the business for more than a second, you probably have a million of these. Tell them. Be vulnerable, funny, and raw. 

People love it when you express your failures more than you showcase your success. It makes you human and more relatable. Also, Instagram is pushing original content with original audio more than trending because they want you to create original content. 

#5 – Lip Sync / Dance

But here’s the trick: put a load of value in the caption. Paige Steckling does a fantastic job of this where she will literally just flip around in a chair to trending audio, get billions of views, and then she explains the concept in the caption. 

This should not be your only content strategy, though. Mix these in occasionally as fillers, not as your main pieces of content. 

#6 – Listicle

Listicles are great hooks, and they make people watch the entire video. 

  • “Five reasons why you should buy instead of rent”
  • “Three reasons you should move to Tulsa,” or 
  • “Three reasons you should get the hell out of Tulsa”
  • “Debunking three myths about real estate agents”
  • “Four reasons why we aren’t in a housing crisis”

You can even create hyper-localized content, like the best coffee shops in Brentwood. Then you can list them off or go to them and explain what you like about each. Hook them in with the number, and keep them watching. 

#7 – Be Entertaining

If you’re not educating, you should at least be entertaining. If you’re unsure where to begin, scroll through @thebrokeagent account for ideas and act out my observations or memes. 

You could also do a rant in your car like Matt Lionetti. 

#8 – Explain a News Story

Use a news story and explain what’s either right or wrong about it. Give your take, voice your opinion, be a little polarizing. 

I try to avoid politics in general to avoid alienating half my audience. But if there’s a bill or policy that affects home ownership, renters, commission, or whatever it is, better to talk about it and explain why it’s relevant to your audience. 

#9 – Upload a Tweet as a Reel

If you don’t want to be in the actual Reel, here’s some good news: On Instagram, every video is technically a Reel. So screenshot your tweet, screen-record the observation, quote, or whatever it is, however long you want, and upload it as a Reel. 

Here’s the kicker: Add some audio to provide context. Or, even better, use a generic Canva graphic in the background of your text to give it some movement. 

#10 – Local Reviews

Review a local restaurant, bar, park, coffee shop, or something new in your community. Maybe interview the owner of that establishment and talk about why it’s a cool or not cool spot in the neighborhood. 

Simple enough. 

BONUS Hack #1

Take a video you’ve done in the past or an old listing video and repost it as a Reel or break it down into a shorter Reel. 

Or, even better, do a green screen of yourself in the corner and talk over the video of an old listing, explaining what you liked or didn’t like about the house and how the sale went. 

BONUS Hack #2

Last idea – Post a Reel that has nothing to do with real estate: 

  • A family vacation
  • Your kids
  • A football game
  • Your golf swing

You’ll probably notice that your personal content does even better than your professional content. Always mix in your personal life. 

If you want to see me dive deeper into this and even learn how to make some short-form content, we’re coming out with a whole course. 

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