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The Broke Agent recently posed a question on @nowbam social media—and ignited a firestorm of agent responses! 

The question: What do you think about real estate agents with self-imposed rules re: not answering calls or checking emails after a certain time of day? 

So far, over 200 agents have responded. And they did not hold back. 

Not that we’re blown away by this. Office hours are a touchy subject for many, including in real estate, where it seems agents are expected to be accessible and quick to respond 24/7. 

No one said anything over the top like “Boundaries are dumb.” Burnout is real. But since agents processed the question in a variety of ways, their answers pretty much filled the spectrum. 

Agents in the comment section had strong opinions on the subject, whatever side they took. They shared their own experiences with setting business hours versus being available 24/7—both as a new agent and years later with more business coming in. 

There’s a mix of different perspectives here, with a few taking the “you do you” approach, likely because they know agents on both sides of the issue. And ultimately, your viewpoint will depend on what you’ve tried and what has worked best for you and your business. 

With the changes coming on August 17th of this year, many agents across the U.S. are adapting and putting systems in place (if they haven’t already). 

And those systems could, at least temporarily, include changes to the hours during which you keep yourself open to communication. 

We’ve grouped our sampling of the Instagram comments according to the general vibe.

Comments in agreement with setting time boundaries

Mental health comment

From 24/7 to set business hours


Mixed comments (From “You do you” to “Good luck with that”)

Funny comments

Whatever your take, you’re not alone

Wherever you find yourself leaning on this topic, you’re sure to find someone in the comments who’s got you. That said, by all means, if you haven’t commented yet, head on over to Instagram or Twitter/X and share your thoughts! 

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