On April 17th, I attended (and spoke during) BAMfest—one of the best real estate conferences on the internet. 

Here are three things I learned. 

#1: Buyer agents need a system

Number one was from Jared James, who spoke about systemizing your business. As everything is changing in our industry, it’s really important for buyers’ agents to be systemized the same way listing agents are when it comes to launching a product. 

We’ve got to take buyer agency more seriously. 

#2: Hooks are evolving

Tip number two comes from Chelsea Peitz, the creator of creators. One thing she described is with content moving forward, the consumer is looking for more of an authentic connection. 

That means some of the hooks we’ve been using in the past might not be that effective moving forward. Instead, consider something that captures their attention with a visual hook or being more authentic with a conversational opener.

#3: Do the work

Number three is from BAM co-founder and Chief of Operations, Byron Lazine: “Do the work.”

There’s no substitute for showing up day in and day out and working incredibly hard. So, make the content, do the calls, knock on the doors—and come to the next BAM event. 

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