On this episode of The Massive Agent Podcast, we’re talking about how breaking all the rules will help you sell all the homes. We’re talking with Compass agent Lindsey Jo about how being a buttoned-up professional could actually be standing in your way. 

This isn’t about treating people the way you should treat them as a professional—or about respecting other people’s time, which is basic human courtesy. We’re not hating on anyone who dresses nicely for work, either. If that’s you, be you. Rock those suits. 

The BS we’re talking about here is a kind of pseudo-professionalism that says you can’t let your personality show if you want to succeed as a professional real estate agent. 

That kind of “professional” behavior will get you nowhere—especially on social media. 

Because people like to work with—and watch—real people. And sometimes, a little silliness goes a long way toward breaking the ice and attracting clients who like that you’re not afraid to risk criticism by being yourself. 

We’re talking with Lindsey Jo about her silly videos, how she started making them, and how leading with authenticity and being goofy has transformed her real estate business. She also talks about how much she loves her team and the relationships she’s built as an agent. 

And like me, Lindsey Jo is an introvert. But she didn’t let that stop her. Find out what she did to overcome the obstacles that might have stopped her from creating “Mullet guy.” 

Listen to the podcast above or click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

00:00:00 Intro

00:12:12 Introducing Lindsey Jo

00:14:52 Dealing with hateful comments

00:18:45 How she went from crickets to massive results

00:21:40 You don’t have to be an extrovert to do this (and do it well).

00:23:19 Find some friends to collab with for your first video

00:24:51 Stop thinking that people just want to see how busy you are.

00:29:07 How Lindsey got started in real estate & built her business

00:38:58 The difference accountability has made—in life and real estate

00:42:50 “When did you feel like a successful agent? How long did that take?”

00:43:36 Shift from a goal mindset to an activity mindset

00:44:59 Gary Vee anecdote

00:48:17 What a typical day in real estate looks like for Lindsey

00:54:15 What’s next for Lindsey Jo?

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