Keri White isn’t just an OG of The Agency. As one of the most respected names in real estate, she’s also an OG of real estate content creation.

On this week’s episode of the Over Ask Podcast, Matt Lionetti and The Broke Agent sit down with Los Angeles lifestyle real estate agent Keri White to discuss her content strategy, Buying Beverly Hills, and making sense of today’s housing market for her clients. 

OG of real estate content creation

Keri started her content creation in 2015 and was one of the first people on Instagram Stories to show her behind-the-scenes life as a realtor. As social platforms continually make updates, her strategy has evolved from photos to videos and Reels. 

Keri’s social media content is market-driven and tactical. This is in part to stand out from all the agents who make fun of their clients or other agents. She values real humor but doesn’t believe in tearing people down so she can stand above them. 

I went through a social media midlife crisis… And all these videos were being shown that were really stupid, to be honest… just like people making fun of their clients, making fun of other agents, and it just, I didn’t feel good… I want to give the information people want to know about and I want to do it in an easy sound-bite type of way, where they can consume it.

Keri White

Of course, no matter how much practice you’ve had creating content, there will always be haters. Even if you’re being your authentic self, not everyone will see that or appreciate what you’re saying. Keri’s advice when you’re having  ‘one of those days’ is to “have a shot of tequila” and “jump up and down.” In other words, just do it. You don’t have to please everyone. 

Buying Beverly Hills

The Agency is about to have its own show–Buying Beverly Hills. So, what are Keri’s thoughts on this as an Agency agent?

I’m super excited for it. They started casting for it maybe a year ago, and their whole premise was ‘the real agent’ – not trying to do the high-end luxury agent and all the commissions, we want to show the process from start to finish. And then, somewhere along the way, Netflix switched it to the up-and-coming agents of Beverly Hills specifically, so Mauricio and his daughters are on it, and a few great agents, and it’s going to be pretty real, authentic, little bit of drama, but nothing scripted, not a bunch of nonsense.

Keri White

Seller expectations and the Current Market

Real estate agents have to engage sellers in difficult conversations about pricing, since, as Matt pointed out, many are still stuck at the price their neighbor got at the beginning of the year. Keri admitted she’s had a couple of sellers pushing back on pricing. But right now, sellers have to price to make buyers excited. 

The current market is not only more balanced but also more fun to talk about. Describing it as “crazy” is a conversation stopper. It’s better to educate yourself and to provide the data your clients need to understand their place in the market. 

Nuts, bananas, crazy, I just tried to take that out of my vocabulary. If you’re telling clients that the market’s crazy, that doesn’t excite them to do anything.

Keri White

Keri talked about the value of visuals—particularly KCM chartsfor helping clients understand the realities of the current market. 

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