Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, shared the newest updates to Instagram Reels on Thursday.

Adam started off by saying while there are exciting updates to video on IG, the platform plans to continually place importance on photos.

It’s no secret that we’ve been trying to make Instagram do better by video while still doing right by photos long-term.

Adam Mosseri

While photographers and memers like @thebrokeagent are hopeful that’s true, everyone needs to continue to focus on Reels for the time being. 

Here are the four changes Adam discussed in his video:

Reels Video Merge

The biggest change is you no longer have to decide between a video and a Reel. Every video will now be in the Reels format.

This one is pretty straightforward. You can opt to use the tools Reels provides or shoot a straight video—just know Reels is the only way to go for your videos now. 

Reels Templates

We all get stuck coming up with content ideas from time to time. 

With Reels templates, you have a bunch of formats to opt from. Scroll through when you are looking for inspiration or short on time, insert the content you want and post away.

Instagram Reels Templates

Remix Improvements

Instagram also worked on improvements to remixes, where you can take any video and do a remix with it – adding your own commentary or reaction to the original. The update Adam is most excited about is the ability to make a Reels remix from a photo.

Reels Remix Updates

There are also new remix formats, including picture-in-picture, green screen, and top-bottom alignment instead of just left-right. Finally, there’s the option to add a video to the end of another video as a remix.

Dual Camera

The last update Adam shared was dual camera, which gives your viewers two images: whatever you happen to be looking at, along with a selfie video.  

Instagram Dual Camera

Any time Instagram makes changes, they want you to use them. So try out some of the new Reels formats, and check out The Broke Agent’s updated Instagram Hacks ebook for more social strategies.