Jake was a little shocked when his buyers brought their dog, Tank, to see houses over Memorial Day Weekend. He wasn’t necessarily upset, but he certainly wasn’t expecting it and would have appreciated a little heads up.

“They could have at least warned me,” Jake said. “I don’t want that thing pooping in the house.”

Jake never grew up with dogs and it showed when he tried petting Tank from behind. He was nursing a crippling hangover, so his hand violently shook when he made contact with the dog’s head. Unfortunately, Tank got startled and let out a bark that echoed through the house and caused Jake to fumble his binder. When it dropped to the floor his clients noted that there was nothing even in it.

Jake said he tried to recover by making a few jokes but none of them landed.

“I went with the classic, ‘Tank’s the real decision maker here, huh’ and they literally just walked in the other room.”

Jake also mentioned that he was a little rattled by the fact that Tank’s penis was bigger than his own.

After the showing (in the driveway) Jake asked what his clients thought of the house and they said they wanted to “put their search on pause.”

We will continue to update you on Jake from Keller Williams.