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This is a weird summer to be a real estate agent. The market is shifting from the frenzied, seller’s market that we’ve experienced the last few years, and settlement changes loom over the industry like a dark cloud of uncertainty. For the first time in years, agents are leaving the business as the “Covid Licensee” realizes that this is not in fact, “easy money.” There is a spotlight on our industry right now, which is a great opportunity to show your value with amazing service and of course…amazing content.

Before we get into some ideas for July, I just want to say that summer, especially this time around the 4th when things may be a little slow, is a great time to analyze what’s working and what’s not in your business and your content. You’ve been posting content for half the year already, so take a day and audit what is actually performing so you can make adjustments and finish the year strong. 

Which Instagram posts are getting the most views and shares? Do you have enough variety? Are they actually converting to showings, emails, or appointments? View your insights and double down on the posts that crush and dump the posts that don’t move the needle. Which email subjects are getting the most opens for your newsletter? Which thumbnails and titles are getting the most clicks on your YouTube channel? It’s so easy to get lost in the day-to-day of real estate, but it’s really important to audit your content strategy so you don’t waste your time and money publishing content that doesn’t do anything for you.

Today, we published an entire Instagram Insights course for BAMx members to help you do just that.

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Now, let’s get into some content ideas that convert for you in July.

July 4th: Independence Day (and the days leading up)

1. Post a generic graphic to Instagram that says “Happy Fourth of July!” JUST KIDDING. If you’ve ever read these blogs you know that is the number one thing you should NOT do. It is the exact opposite of content that converts. Nobody needs to see a Coldwell Banker firework post from their realtor acknowledging the fact that yes, it is indeed Independence Day.

2. Film a Reel or a Green Screen with the best fireworks viewing places in your hometown. Note the time they start and the reasons why you like certain spots over others. This is actually useful for your clients and will spark conversation as you can ask in the caption where your audience prefers to watch. Last, week, we shared a template for this with BAMx members. (Side note: weekly done-for-you templates are another reason to join BAMx.)

3. Note what’s happening in your community around the 4th with another Reel, Green Screen, or carousel post. Are there any parades? Cool parties? Secret festivity spots? 

4. Traffic post. This sounds boring, but people EAT UP anything having to do with traffic. So, you can do a post about “If you plan to head to the beach over the 4th here is when I recommend leaving, and here is the route to avoid traffic.” Sounds stupid, but trust me, posts like this one from Natalie Perez-Benitoa crush. 

5. Do a patriotic property tour. Showcase houses around your community that have the best 4th of July decorations. While doing this, you can mention listings you have nearby and give some market stats about the neighborhoods.

6. Shoutout local businesses that have the best 4th of July displays or traditions.

7. Do a post completely unrelated to real estate. “My favorite Fourth of July food” and show the cooking process or a Reel of all the things you’re eating on the fourth. Food content ALWAYS performs well, and it’s a good feed break from real estate. Do a RECIPE. 

8. Show your family and traditions. As always, holidays are a great time to drop the real estate content and post about your family. Connect with your audience on a deeper level through IG stories where you can show it all.

9. DO NOT post a video of fireworks. Nobody wants to see that. There’s a joke here about how nobody wants to see videos of fireworks like how nobody wants to see a generic graphic saying it’s the Fourth of July. There are some funny templates for the 4th in Coffee & Contracts. 

10. Joke about what it’s like to be a real estate agent on the 4th. Showing houses on the 4th, writing offers with White Claws, going to a 4th of July part of a house you didn’t sell, handing out business cards on little flags…

Summer Post Ideas

July 4th and Canada Day (which is today) are the only major holidays in July. So, let’s just get into some hyper-local post ideas and themes for this month: 

  1. Best staycation spots in your hometown. 
  2. If you take a summer vacation, give some highlights from your trip.
  3. Restaurants with the best outdoor patios/views.
  4. Kid-friendly beaches, parks, restaurants, and outdoor activities.
  5. Home tips to keep your house cool.
  6. Air conditioning content: helpful posts around when you need to get it replaced, how to save money and how often you should really run it.
  7. Pool content: how much value is gained by adding a pool, what it costs to keep it, and connecting people with a resource if they are interested in putting in or redoing their pool.
  8. What sun damage can do to certain paints/houses.
  9. 2024 is 50% over. Talk about the goals you have hit and the goals you still wish to achieve. Ask the audience where they are at with their Resolutions/goals.
  10. Let everyone know you are going on vacation because that’s when you’re going to get busy.

Summer Social Media Tips

Be prepared for the “Summer slowdown.” Every year, we here at BAM see a slight decrease in overall hits and views on our content. A significant portion of our audience goes on vacation or tunes out until school starts again. This happens across the board for content, so don’t get discouraged if your engagement is down for the next month or so. My general advice for this month is to post content with as much value as possible. Really stop and think, “What is the viewer going to get out of this post? Are they learning something new? Am I helping them?”

As Gary Vee says, stop posting for you and start posting for them.

Also, I think the more proof of business posts, the better. More house tours and more content directly about your real estate business. We used to joke about “Just Sold” and “Just Listed” posts, but I think this content is important when done right, especially with that spotlight on real estate agents. People want to see property tours and their agents selling homes…they don’t want to think they are working with a content creator.

Final tip for July: do as many collab posts as possible. Collab with other agents, lenders, your brokerage account, and local businesses. This is by far the best way to reach new audiences and grow your account.

That’s it for July. Enjoy some sun, do your content audits, and make sure you sign up for the Viral Agent, my weekly marketing newsletter for real estate agents.