This week, during one of my scroll holes, I came across a clip from Ryan Pineda and Gary Vee that really resonated with me. Ryan asked Gary about doing an interactive golf podcast, and Gary responded, “The biggest thing for anyone producing content is what makes it enjoyable and what eliminates friction.”

Here is the clip for reference:

Gary’s still got it. The concept of frictionless content is so obvious, yet I’ve never heard it so perfectly articulated. 

The Problem Agents Face with Content Creation

A lot of real estate professionals (and me) feel flustered by content creation because let’s face it, it can be an enormous burden. When do you film and post when you have appointments all day? How are you supposed to be creative when your dealing with counteroffers, deadlines, and all the opinions of your buyer’s extended family? 

The solution for a lot of agents is one that is taught by every social media guru in the space: bulk recording. Meaning, you book a studio, line up 30 or more scripts, and bring a change of clothes so it looks like you didn’t film a month’s worth of content in one day.

But, guess what? Bulk recording SUCKS.

If you’re batching all your content into one day you really have to be on. You have to be in the right mood to execute, and you have to book someone to film, edit, and help you with a prompter if you’re reading from a script. Then you have to drive to a studio or office and hope the environment is conducive to your needs. Frankly, it’s an enormous pain in the ass.

To those who can pull this off, I applaud you because it definitely can work. I used to do this for my Marketing Monday videos. I would spend hours coming up with concepts, preparing scripts, and would then film 8-10 videos with our producer at conferences or BAM events. I hated it. It felt unnatural and I didn’t like the pressure of squeezing all of this content into such a short period of time. 

Instead of continuing this style of videos, I unknowingly went the frictionless route: we turned The Walk Thru podcast into a marketing show where I could talk about what I would in Marketing Monday videos in a setting that was easier and more fun. I love riffing on podcasts with Dan and guests and bouncing my ideas off other people. It makes for a lighter environment and produces clips and episodes that perform just as well, if not better than the highly edited Marketing Monday videos. I can also do it from my apartment. 

Watch this week’s episode of The Walk Thru here:

Friction REMOVED. Also, this concept by Gary Vee produces more relatable, entertaining content. We seem to be shifting away from the highly edited captions with b-roll popping up everywhere style to content that is more natural and raw. People got sick of the talking head clips with the manufactured hooks. The pendulum has shifted. 

This is also why Gary is so big on “documenting” over creating. Gary’s content started blowing up because he simply filmed himself doing what he was already doing. Meaning, he just put a camera in his business meetings and documented his entire day vlog-style so he didn’t have to even think about creating content. We got to see Gary in his most natural element and it produced amazing entertainment and enormous value.

So, How Can Real Estate Agents Remove The Friction?

The good news is real estate is probably the best industry to produce on-the-go content. You are in about a million different settings every day that make for interesting backgrounds and fun conversation starters:

  1. Riding around with another agent going to broker opens? Film each other in the car talking about different neighborhoods and having a conversation about the market.
  2. Sitting in the office? Flip the camera around and show people what you are working on: contracts, requests for repairs, MLS scrolling, etc.
  3. Sitting an open house? You know there’s going to be downtime. Go live on Instagram or Facebook and show it off. 
  4. Going to an inspection? Get there early and talk about the process and what you’re about to do.
  5. Eating lunch? Flip the camera around, show the food, and talk about the spot and the surrounding neighborhood.
  6. Golfing? That’s the best setting for content. Give the phone to the person in your group and talk about the course, its surroundings, and the houses near or on the course.

I can go on forever.

Make it easy on yourself and train your brain to be content-conscious on the go. I bet this will outperform your polished posts and will be ten times easier to edit. 

Creating content can and should be fun. Remove the friction and start creating content in a setting you enjoy.