It’s normal to feel a mix of apprehension and excitement when news this big drops. The news I’m referring to, of course, is NAR’s settlement agreement in commission lawsuits. 

The real estate agents who will come out on top and thrive in this new world see these changes as an opportunity instead of a challenge. 

This article will help you be one of those agents by breaking down three simple strategies to keep you motivated and successfully navigate this transformative time. 

1. Knowledge is Power, Get Informed by the Right People

First and foremost, stay informed. The breaking news of the NAR settlement is stirring up all sorts of opinions and speculation. The most crucial move you can make right now is to ensure you are getting the breakdown from the right sources. 

Look to Byron Lazine, BAM and other industry leaders who have a proven track record of navigating industry shifts successfully. Their insights and perspectives can offer a clearer understanding of how these changes will affect your business and the industry. Remember, quality trumps quantity when it comes to information.

2. Demonstrate Leadership to Your Database

Now is the time to show your database that you are not just weathering the storm but leading the way. During industry upheaval, your clients and contacts are looking to you for guidance and reassurance. By showing them that you’re at the forefront of these changes, you are positioning yourself as a leader and strengthening their trust in your expertise. 

Take this opportunity to communicate proactively with your database. Explain how the industry changes can impact their real estate decisions and how you’re equipped to navigate these challenges. 

3. Frontload Your Marketing Efforts

It is full speed ahead on intensifying your marketing efforts before the impending July date. Tom Ferry has been preaching this one all year, and it now rings true to a new level. Stay ahead of the curve by frontloading your marketing efforts before July when these changes go into effect, not to mention the noise that the upcoming election cycle will bring. 

For me, this means four seller seminars instead of the two I had planned. It’s going heavy on knowledge broker content to position myself as the authority. It means extra hours crafting scripts to inform my buyers, especially those in a vulnerable position, how to win during this shifting landscape.  

Honestly, when the news dropped, I was stressed and intimidated because I was unsure how things would unfold. 

But one of my superpowers is knowing who to source my information from, and I listened to Byron’s breakdown three times. Now, I see that opportunity is knocking, and you better believe I am opening that door. 

So, as you navigate these unprecedented changes, remember that this is an opportunity to elevate. By staying informed through credible sources, reinforcing your value to your existing database, and proactively frontloading your marketing efforts, you are setting the bar to win when the dust settles.