If you caught my BAM article or green screen last week, I argued that “just listed” and “just sold” photos often go unnoticed on our feed and do little for our personal brand. I believe one of the best ways to draw your audience in is by showcasing the authentic behind-the-scenes footage of building your business and brand. 

I caught some heat in the comments, as many Realtors suggested that the most effective way to showcase proof of business is through “just listed” and “just sold” posts.

And I agree—demonstrating you’re actively selling real estate is crucial. However, I believe there are better ways to show this than simply posting static images with the status of the transaction. 

So today, I’m going to share three ideas with you that go beyond a “just listed” and “just sold” post to showcase proof of business.

Utilize Instagram Highlights

Utilize the highlights on your Instagram profile like Chris Perry does – it’s straight-up genius. 

Instead of cluttering his feed with “just listed” and “just sold” posts, he puts a picture on his Instagram story featuring his clients at closing, then adds that photo to a highlight on his profile based on the year (e.g., 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 closed sales). 

This approach is excellent because the highlights remain at the top of his page, immediately showcasing his years of experience to anyone visiting his profile. As you flip through these different photos in his highlights, you get a sense of his expertise because it’s photo after photo of closings. This method effectively showcases proof of business without cluttering your feed with photos of closings that may receive low engagement.

Turn your Closing into an Event

Turn your closing into an event, just like Morgan Wininger does. Instead of the typical closing photos with a giant key, she beautifully showcases her proof of business as a feed post. 

She featured three closings in one week, with each client popping a bottle of champagne outside the home they purchased. This approach is brilliant because it presents her proof of business in a fun way, with the client as the focal point rather than her own win or achievement. Additionally, highlighting three closings in a single post makes her look like a badass. 

Omer Reshid also excels at showcasing his closings on his feed. He had his videographer attend the closing to capture short clips of his client signing, followed by the client popping a bottle of champagne outside. This clip stands out due to the fun music and the storytelling approach. It feels like he’s taking you on the journey with him, making the experience more memorable.

Heartfelt Caption with Clients as the Focus

Shane Burgman demonstrates an excellent approach to showcasing his proof of business by featuring photos of his clients accompanied by a heartfelt caption. 

In his caption, he reflects on the 13-month journey it took for these clients to purchase a home. He openly discusses spending an extensive amount of time with them, perhaps even oversharing at times, but emphasizes that it’s part of who he is as an agent and expresses gratitude for their loyalty. Additionally, he acknowledges instances where he may not have been at his best, showcasing accountability and authenticity. 

He also includes an impactful quote about earning loyalty day by day and expressing appreciation for the relationship with these clients. 

Overall, this post effectively checks every box for connection. He showcases proof of business, adds a touch of fun with the champagne, and demonstrates vulnerability and authenticity.

Bonus tip

Take inspo from my reel below and select a few house photos from your previous closings sourced from the MLS. Make sure you obtain permission from the listing agent if you represent any of the buyers, since the listing agent owns the photos. Add these photos into a reel, quickly flipping through each image. 

Avoid merely showcasing your wins: instead, weave in a narrative that reflects your journey. In my own post, I shared how skeptics advised against me pursuing real estate, because the market is saturated with agents. However, I defied the odds and achieved some success. 

Emphasizing the message “never listen to the haters” resonates with my brand identity, focused on authenticity and self-belief.

Remember that real estate isn’t just about transactions. Let your wins shine, but ensure you add that personal touch to foster a deeper connection with your audience.