A new podcast is coming to BAM this fall, and it’s unlike any other show in real estate. Hosted by Matt Lionetti and Paul Greenberg, Cold Calls is set to star, well—all of you. 

A Love Line for Real Estate Agents

Think of Cold Calls as a love line for real estate agents: a place you can share your craziest stories, ask questions, and get advice. Anyone in the industry can be a part of the show by submitting:

  • Real estate horror stories (we all have them)
  • Questions you don’t want to ask your broker
  • A tricky situation you’ve never encountered before

I’ve always wanted a show where everyone could be included. Coming up in real estate, I would have loved something like this. Because a lot of times, even though my broker said they were there for me, I felt weird asking them about certain things.

Matt Lionetti

Cold Calls

The premise of Cold Calls began when Lionetti and Greenberg realized they were both building podcast studios. They discussed hosting a BAM show together but wanted it to be something different. Something that branched out to include the audience and the daily ups and downs of the industry.

99.9% of real estate podcasts are super inspirational and grind, grind, grind. You know, ‘This is how I got to the top.’ We want to hear the bottom. We want to want to hear those embarrassing stories, we want to hear the stuff that nobody talks about. It’s gonna be a really good time.

Paul Greenberg

How to Submit

Because Cold Calls largely relies on agents’ submissions, the show will be molded by the audience. 

Every week, new stories and questions will be presented. You can expect the commentary to be both hilarious and insightful—something you’ve grown accustomed to if you follow the hosts’ social media pages or tune in to Over Ask, which Lionetti co-hosts

To be featured on Cold Calls, all you need to do is:

  1. Think of your best real estate horror story or question.
  2. Record a 60-90 second video detailing that story or question.
  3. Send it to submissions@thebrokeagent.com

Don’t feel comfortable submitting a video? No problem. You can also send in an audio clip. And for those who prefer to remain super anonymous, you can also submit a story or question in writing, which will be read on air. (Be sure to note you wish to remain anonymous in your email!). 

You can start submitting today! And stay tuned to find out when the first episode of Cold Calls will air.