BAM’s Key Details:

  • Broke Agent Media has officially changed its name to BAM.
  • BAM social handles have changed to @nowbam.

We changed our name from Broke Agent Media to BAM.

Here’s why.

Origins of BAM

When we decided to start a media company, the first thing we had to figure out was what to call it. 

Well, we figured it stems from @thebrokeagent. And since The Broke Agent has relative name recognition in the real estate industry, people already knew what it was. So we decided to call it Broke Agent Media. Anyone can see the acronym BAM that comes from that. 

Why a name change?

From the start, we loved the name, we loved the logo, and we loved how BAM looked and sounded. So, why a name change?

When we started posting content on Instagram and Facebook, it didn’t take long for a few angry commenters to start trolling the name. Saying things like, Why would I ever share anything from the Broke Agent? I don’t want to be a BROKE agent!

And let’s face it, that’s a great point.

The typical consumer doesn’t know what or who The Broke Agent is. As a media company, we want our content used and shared by agents. We want real estate professionals to feel comfortable posting about our content and sending it to their clients—without the stigma of the word “broke” attached to it. 

So, the social handles are @nowbam, the website is, and the company is just BAM.

BAM Evolution

Think of the name change as the full evolution of The Broke Agent brand (which, by the way, is staying as it always has—a place for agents to laugh and commiserate about the industry). 

But BAM isn’t just funny content. It’s blogs. It’s shows. It’s podcasts. It’s ebooks. It’s marketing tips. It’s webinars and live events. It’s the best damn newsletter in the GAME. It’s all of the above—and we’re just getting started.

You might be wondering, what does BAM stand for now? Is it Big Agent Media? Best Agent Media? Big Ass Media? The answer is yes.

It’s BAM. It encompasses a larger umbrella, so it’s everything you want it to be for the real estate industry. And as we continue to evolve, we’ll be and do even more for agents and industry pros.

BAM is officially now on the scene. Welcome to the new wave of real estate media.