Every salesperson can vividly remember their first day of cold calling—the mix of anticipation and fear, not to mention the countless hang-ups and colorful rejections. 

After the first few calls, some quit and swear off cold calling forever, while others refine their skills and use it as an income producing activity for years to come. But all can agree—that first day of making calls is nerve-wracking for even the most confident of agents.

So when Aleksey Chernobelskiy turned to Twitter for advice on his first day of making calls, people were quick to chime in. 

Cold Calling Advice

Advice from followers ranged from motivational pep talks to strategic insights. Here’s some of the best responses that caught our attention:

Aleksey didn’t stop with one post—he updated his followers throughout the day. Here’s how things started for him:

To that, the advice from quite a few was to call back. Here’s a quick script for a call back from Bob Knakal

And at the end of his first cold calling session, Aleksey summed it up with another post—one that many agents can relate to:

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