If Eminem were a real estate agent, how would he follow up with a client? 

Thanks to Matt Lionetti’s latest Reel, you don’t have to wonder. 

As The Broke Agent points out in a comment, Matt wrote the whole thing off the top of his head in 30 seconds and did the video in one take—just like Jay Z in “Dirt Off Your Shoulder.”

And as with all of Matt’s creations, this one must be seen to be believed. 

Matt doesn’t don the “inner Em” beanie until after the prospect he messages responds in a way agents across the globe have probably heard before: 

Hi, Slim! We’re gonna sell but we’re gonna use Kim from the neighborhood,” later adding, “We’re friends with her husband, Tom.” 

You can almost hear the conversation that happened before this one: 

Oh, hey, you guys are moving? Why don’t you talk to my wife about it. She’s a real estate agent—and she could really use the business right now.” 

Matt does not hold back with his response—explaining all the reasons why he’s the better agent for this potential client than neighborhood Kim and ending with an invitation to meet at the cafe to discuss the plan and sign the contract. 

Unfazed, the prospect reiterates her intention of working with Kim because, most likely, they’ve already told their friend Tom that they’ll work with her. And he’s probably already told his wife, who is now busy doing the math and planning how she’ll spend the commission. It’s a done deal, and Matt knows it. 

But he doesn’t go gently into that “No, thanks.”  

Ever had an experience like the one Matt describes in this Reel? Or do you know someone whose prospect went with a friend, relative, or neighbor instead of working with them?

Head on over to Instagram and share your thoughts. 

And if you’re looking to up your follow up game, maybe use these tips instead of Eminem’s: