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“If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful.” 

Jeff Bezos

I used to hate the idea of throwing client events. I love my clients, (well, 90% of them), but I also hate small talk with a passion. The idea of having to do obligatory small talk with hundreds of people sounded about as appealing as a canker sore. 

Put me in a listing presentation or an open house where I’m actually selling something, and I’m in my comfort zone. It wasn’t until my wife, Devon, gently nudged me into the idea by pointing out that I was selling the agents on our team and how great our raffle prizes were, that I finally decided to pull the trigger. It was kind of like tricking a baby into eating their vegetables. At this point, I can’t get enough of them, and the competitor in me wants to make them bigger and better every year.

Now, let’s get this party started! We throw four incredible client events each year: two mega-team events and two smaller local geo-farm events. These gatherings not only bring joy to our clients but also build lifelong loyalty.

The Fall Pumpkin Patch Festival

Our last bash welcomed an incredible 813 attendees, making it our most successful event yet. It is family-friendly—but do not be fooled, singles and couples flock to it, too. 

Why? Because it is fun and Instagrammable!

The Springtime Wine Extravaganza

We roll out the red carpet for our Spring Wine Event. This is not just any wine tasting; it is a full-blown client celebration held at the Bull Run Winery.

We don’t just stop at wine, though. We lay out a spread of great food, because what is good wine without some great food to go with it? And just when you think it cannot get any better, we up the ante with a raffle! Prizes galore, all up for grabs, adding that extra dash of excitement to the evening.

We leverage these raffle prizes and events for client testimonials, allowing us to create videos like these:

Breakfast with Santa

Hosted at our HOA’s clubhouse, our Breakfast with Santa event is a local favorite. The HOA supports us by allowing free use of the clubhouse and advertising the event through their email blast and magazine. RSVPs to the Evite go directly to our database.

We supply Santa, small stuffed toys for him to give away, professional photography, and holiday throw blankets, giving one per family. These are cherished keepsakes that families pull out every year.

Parents often express their gratitude, saying, “No one else has ever done anything like this for us.” 

Despite dressing like elves, we still get business from it! The best part is feeling like we are making a difference in the community. Parents and kids frequently tell us, “We see your videos on YouTube all the time!”

Easter Egg Hunt and Photos with the Easter Bunny

This event is also held at our HOA’s clubhouse, with the same generous support and advertising as our Santa event.

We supply breakfast, Easter egg baskets, Easter eggs, the Easter Bunny (aka our 15-year-old daughter Ava), professional photography, and arts and crafts.

The joy and gratitude from parents is heartwarming. They often share that no other real estate agent has ever hosted such wonderful events for them, reinforcing the community bond we strive to create.

Top 5 Tips for Hosting a Wildly Successful Client Event

If you are ready to dive into client events, here are five tips to make them successful:

  1. The Sooner You Start, The Sooner You Succeed: Start planning your event as early as possible. This is not something you want to throw together at the last minute. It should be a line item in your marketing budget at the start of the year. Rome was not built in a day, and neither is a fantastic client event!
  2. Lights, Camera, Action!: Do not skimp on the videographer. This is your chance to capture all the magic and merriment of your event, and you want it done right. Plus, the footage can be repurposed in countless ways – from email content and TV ads to social media content. So, hire the best videographer you can afford. Trust me, it is worth every penny!
  3. The Raffle to End All Raffles: Offer the most enticing raffle prizes your budget allows. This is not just about giving away cool stuff (although that is a big part of it). It is about creating buzz for your event. You want people to be excited about the raffle, to talk about it, to look forward to it. Make sure your prizes are worth talking about!
  4. A Token of Appreciation: Give a single raffle ticket to everyone who attends. It is a small gesture, but it is a way to thank them for their support and remind them that your business thrives because of them. It is like saying, “Hey, thanks for being awesome. Here’s a chance to win something cool!”
  5. The Secret Sauce: Here is the key to a successful event—incentivize video testimonials. Offer an additional raffle ticket to anyone who leaves you a Google review, and two extra tickets to anyone who records a video testimonial. This boosts your online presence and creates a line of happy clients ready to sing your praises on camera. These testimonials are marketing gold. Use them on your website, listing presentations, email newsletters, and social media platforms.

You do not have to shoulder the cost of the raffle prizes alone. We have our teammates all chip in so they have skin in the game. Reach out to your vendors and see if they would be willing to chip in as well. After all, a successful event for you means more visibility for them. It is a win-win! 

To learn more about how to a grow your real estate business with client events in more detail, grab a copy of my book Six Weeks to Real Estate Success, available now on Amazon.