If you’re at all familiar with Coffee & Contracts, you know that one good template can go a long way. That said, a demonstration can’t hurt. And, as usual, my team and I love to overdeliver. 

So, if the thought of scrolling through hundreds or even thousands of different templates sends you spiraling into overwhelm, you will love this! 

Step away from the template gallery—just for a sec—and watch us take our original carousel post template and turn it into five different types of content to share with your audience.

And the best part? It’s SO easy! Plus, if you ask us, it’s a lot of fun, too. Check out the examples in this Instagram post, and you’ll see what I mean. 

Better Together: Templates + ChatGPT

While we don’t use ChatGPT for every single one of these examples, you certainly could

And if you want more ideas for ChatGPT prompts, check out this blog post and give the examples a try. You can copy and paste them right into ChatGPT or change it to include details better suited to your content and your branding. 

#1—Customize with Branding

The first step is all about customizing your post to match your branding. 

Change the font and colors to match your branding, drop in branding photos, and rearrange a bit to make the template look completely unique. 

For some high-energy content inspo, look at what ChatGPT and Canva can do to create a real estate brand for Barbie:

Here’s another example for Snoop Dogg:

#2—Convert Caption into Reel Script

Copy and paste the caption into ChatGPT (chat.openai.com), and use the prompt below to get a Reel script in under 60 seconds. Use an app like Captions for a teleprompter and dynamic captions like the video example we included in our Instagram post

“Please convert the following copy into a concise and engaging video script under 60 seconds. Please ensure that the script consists of text only and does not include any visual cues or bracketed instructions. The script should be written as if it will be read directly to the camera using a teleprompter app, without any additional notes, cues, or instructions. Focus on delivering the information clearly and succinctly to capture and maintain the viewer’s attention throughout the video.”

#3—Convert Caption into an Email Campaign

Use the following ChatGPT prompt and copy and paste the caption to create an email campaign. Bonus tip: After it writes the email, ask it to turn it into a drip campaign. 

“Pretend you are an expert email marketer. You write engaging email content that converts audiences into clients. You captivate an audience with storytelling and engaging copy. You write in a personal tone that makes your audience feel you sent the email specifically to them. With all of this in mind, repurpose the following social media caption into an email I will send to my audience.”

#4—Create a completely unique post

Use a personal branding image of you and pair it with our caption after repurposing it in ChatGPT using our prompt below: 

“Rewrite the following caption for me. I’d like the tone of voice to be [your tone of voice—i.e., friendly, funny, witty, professional, etc.]. My ideal client is [ideal client—e.g., first-time home buyers].”

#5—Turn a Caption into a Blog Post

Create a unique and SEO-friendly blog post for your website using the following ChatGPT prompt: 

“I need help crafting a comprehensive, SEO-friendly blog post. The blog post should engage readers, provide them with valuable information, and position the real estate agent as a reliable expert.

“Tone of voice: the tone should be friendly, professional, and empathetic, giving reassurance to the reader that they’ve found a trustworthy source of information. 

“Goal/Objective: Provide value and increase the time readers spend on the page, leading to improved SEO performance. Use the following caption as the topic and reference it for info: 

[Paste caption from C&C]”

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