This week on the Massive Agent Podcast, we’re talking about how to reach your ideal clients on social media. And we’re bringing in the big guns. 

Shivani Peterson is on the podcast today to show how she’s done this in a very short period of time—and how she’s getting a shitload of her deals all from social. 

Shivani is the top producer at AWM, her mortgage company. She’s a public speaker and the creator of the “Minds Over Markets” course that is coming out. She’s also one of the better video creators in our entire industry. 

Stay to the end to hear about a memorable encounter Shivani had with Gary Vaynerchuk and what she learned from it. 

Listen to the podcast above or click on any of the timestamps below to watch:

00:0004:43 Intro

06:01 How Shivani got started with her videos and how they’ve changed her business

09:40 When did you realize there was a better alternative to buying agents coffee?

11:34 The hardest part of the transition to her (better) way of doing things

12:59 Why the content we consume is just as important as the company we keep

14:37 The evolution of Shivani’s videos

17:16 How much of your business is coming from social media these days?

20:40 Why Dustin recommends one specific mortgage lender instead of three

21:45 What should you be doing in 2023 to build credibility and genuinely help people?

25:20 What’s next for Shivani?

27:56 What she learned from an interaction with Gary Vaynerchuk

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