On this episode of the Over Ask Podcast, Matt Lionetti joins The Broke Agent from a lakeside cottage to discuss two things: being a finalist for the Inman Innovator Awards and dealing with burnout when you’re struggling to come up with content ideas. 

The Inman Innovator Awards

The email announcement for the Inman Innovator Awards came out of nowhere. But learning that Over Ask is a finalist for the 2022 Awards is definitely a boost. Matt and The Broke Agent are pumped to be finalists among the best in the business and will be there live at Inman Connect in Las Vegas. 

I think Brad McCollum is the best video person I’ve ever seen, so I feel like we’re going up against the best, right?

The Broke Agent

Why podcasting is the best thing for your real estate brand

Both Matt and The Broke Agent agree podcasting has been the best thing for their brands. They get to meet people, it creates nonstop content and conversation, and it helps them formulate how they talk to people. 

For an agent looking to generate business, a podcast is a great way to stay in front of people and create content without racking your brain thinking about creating content. And it happens while you’re having interesting conversations.

Each podcast, you get four, five clips, you get a blog post…you can mass-distribute like 15 pieces of content just from talking for 30 minutes. And then your clients get to hear you talk all the time, so they’re more familiar with you, they trust you more…if you know what you’re talking about.

The Broke Agent

Dealing with burnout 

Summer is a slower time for real estate since so many are on vacation. And content creators in the space often struggle to come up with fresh content. 

Many are going through burnout right now, and it helps to remember, as Matt pointed out, that being too picky about your content will only frustrate you and slow you down. 

I was being so precious about putting out one video, and it had to be the best video. But now I’m finding, like, some of my best-performing videos are literally just me with an idea that I just thought of sitting in my car talking.

Matt Lionetti

Both touched on the plus side of criticism from people who comment negatively on misspellings, mispronunciations, etc. All comments – even negative ones – improve a post’s chances of reaching more people. 

As for burnout, powering through it is almost worse than that “staring into the void” feeling. Sometimes, you just need to chill and do something you enjoy. 

So, where do Matt and The Broke Agent find inspiration when the well has run dry? 

What I always do and always have done for inspiration is just scroll on Instagram and TikTok and kinda lock in some ideas, look at some audios, some template styles… and see if I can replicate that. But that, reposting old content, and I mean that’s pretty much all you can do.

The Broke Agent

Zoom Speaking Gigs

Matt and The Broke Agent wrapped up with an invitation to the audience: If you have any fresh, new content ideas, feel free to share them on BAM’s YouTube page. 

Here’s the thing. I’m at the cottage, my camera’s not working, Eric’s in his dungeon, his camera is working but looks like it’s not working… He’s got a broken foot, I mean, our producer’s on vacation… So, we’re doing this strictly for you… If it’s out on Monday, please congratulate us for recording it so we know you watched the entire episode.

Matt Lionetti

The Broke Agent then talked about something new they’re doing – Zoom speaking gigs. Reach out to book The Broke Agent and Matt to discuss Instagram, social media branding, and more. 

If you ask nicely, they’ll even do a stand-up routine.

Watch the full episode for more.