Confession…I’m not doing the fundamentals. I don’t make my calls, and I don’t have a CRM. I’m not proud of this, but these are facts. 

Another fact: I’m on track to do $30 million in sales this year. And most of those sales are on the list side. 

I’m not encouraging anyone to stop making calls or throw out their systems—because we all know these are foundational tactics in building a business (even if some of us avoid them). But if you’re looking for some new strategies to add to the mix, keep reading. 

Here is how I’ve built up my listings without making calls. 

Use Reels to Add Value

Over the past year, I built my social media footprint and gained attention through Reels. 

Before I go any further, note that social media is not how I’ve gotten more listings. Growing your social media will get you more eyeballs and exposure, but that’s it. 

I didn’t start getting listings from my social media until after I got a stellar listing from working my SOI. Then, I leveraged social media: I went all-out ham blasting my marketing, along with everything I did for the sellers to market and close the sale of their home. 

Stay Top of Mind

Using Reels to add value for your following is a great way to build trust with your audience. And if you’re not making your calls, it’s the best way to stay top of mind with your SOI. The more they see your face pop up in their feed, the more likely they’ll think of you when they are ready to transact. 

Another way to make a great impression on your sphere is by staying up to date on what’s happening in their lives. Did someone just have a new baby? Drop by a baby gift with a nice note. Buy a new car? Drop them off a packet of car wash gift certificates. You get the idea. 

Between staying top of mind on social media and being a nice person, your people will want to help you out.

Impress Your Sellers

Once you get a listing, shock your sellers with how much time and effort you put into their transaction. Here are some ways to ensure your sellers get the best offer possible:

  • Study the market, staying up to date on every home for sale, under contract, and sold in the neighborhood.
  • Do some pre-marketing on social media. 
  • Help your sellers get the home ready for market. 
  • Have a strategic and proven listing strategy.
  • Create an attention-grabbing listing video and use social media to get as many eyeballs as you can on it.
  • Host an epic open house (hire a food or coffee truck, have games or contests for guests, and make it fun!). 

Once under contract, continue providing the best service imaginable, and keep your clients updated every step of the way. 

Post on Social 

Post everything you do for your sellers on your social media! 

Share what you did to help the sellers get the home prepped and ready to sell, whether it was advice for curb appeal, power washing the exterior, decluttering, staging, or bringing in some fresh greenery. Post a Reel with before and after pictures to show the difference you make. Pro tip: Always ask your photographer to take some vertical shots of the areas you helped with, so you can make it into a full-screen Reel. 

Focus on Spreading Your Message

Posting your service level and everything you do to go above and beyond with your listings will get you more. 

Stop focusing on getting new followers. Instead, focus on gaining the trust of the ones you have! If you have 500 followers on Instagram, that’s 500 people you can get your message and service level out to. I guarantee at least one or two know someone ready to buy or sell real estate in your area. Impress them with how much you’re doing for each listing, and you will get referrals. 

You can also boost your posts advertising your listings (select the housing category on the ad so it gets approved). This will get you more attention from your seller and people in your area, adding to your momentum.

Stop asking for business. Start demanding it by showing what you can do! 

This is all I’m doing (for now), and it has been the key to getting consistent business across the board. Once I get my systems running consistently and start making my calls, it’ll be a whole new level.