I’ve said ‘back to basics’ at least 1,000 times since the beginning of the year.

And I’m not backing off on that. 

The market has changed. So the agent who wants to take market share and grow their business will need to put in time and effort. If the goal is significant, you may even need to invite a little chaos. That’s what happens when you’re looking to get to a certain level of success. 

Over the past couple of years, basic skills have been lost. There are lost skills with prospecting, buyer consultations, listing appointments, and the pre-appointment process. With the right mindset and some discipline, it’s a straightforward path to get these skills back. 

Today, I’m focusing on converting more leads into appointments with three basic skills to ensure you’re connecting with as many people as possible.

Double Tap

The first skill you need to implement is the double tap. 

If you don’t know the double tap, it’s a simple yet effective strategy to get a lead’s attention. 

This skill works really well with inbound leads that come into your system. If you get voicemail the first time you call, hang up and call back immediately. Back-to-back calls. Many times, they’ll see the same number calling twice in a row and pick up the second time. 

The double tap method works. We have agents that are implementing this right now, and they’re getting more and more people on the phone all the time. 

Call, Text and Email

Don’t just call the lead. Don’t just text the lead. Don’t just email the lead. 

Do all three. And do it in this order:

  1. Call them first. 
  2. Text them immediately afterward to tell them you left a message. 
  3. Email asking to schedule a time to connect. 

We are a call-first organization because picking up the phone and calling your leads works. However, there are times when you can’t get people on the phone: they’re tied up at work, they’re in a meeting, whatever it might be. 

It’s critical to call, text and email every lead as soon as it comes into your system. Because if you’re not doing that, you’re unable to engage with them and get into digital rapport. So, call, text and email every week. 

Use Technology to Your Advantage

Don’t be afraid to automate—use technology to your advantage. 

Make sure every single lead is on an automated text and email drip.

Automating information to sellers once a week or every other week can be really effective for potential sellers. The automated drip for sellers is a way to provide information targeted to their specific neighborhood. That’s what sellers want. They don’t necessarily want to hear from you all the time; they want market data and to know what’s going on.

For buyers, an automated drip is as easy as sending information as soon as a new property hits the market. Make sure the property is specific to their needs by setting up a real-time drip from your MLS and CRM. This way, they know what’s coming onto the market, and they get it from you—not from Zillow or realtor.com.

Make sure there’s some sort of automation because conversions often happen when agents are in the weeds. That automation keeps them warm. And it helps people become a little more open to receiving your call. We know that all the conversion happens at 6, 7 or 8 attempts, not that first one or two.

Implement these three basic strategies, and you’re guaranteed to talk to more people, set more appointments, and sell more houses.