Hi, I’m Paige Steckling, a real estate agent serving Northern Utah. I’ve been an agent for eight years and for most of my career I’ve experienced the rollercoaster that is selling real estate. There were high income months, low income months and even months with none at all. That all changed this past year. Social media, specifically Instagram and TikTok, has completely changed my business. Once I started focusing my marketing efforts on vertical video, I came across a viral formula that has allowed my videos to get millions of views with, at that time, a relatively small following.

In July 2021, I posted my first reel on Instagram, just for fun. 

In this Reel, I used an audio clip from Friends. I filmed myself lip syncing a line from Ross to express how it feels when someone you know personally lists with another agent. Admittedly, I was hesitant to post the Reel fearing that I would look like an idiot. I even shamelessly asked my friends to go comment and engage with my post so it didn’t completely flop. What happened next surprised me. Within mere moments, I started getting dozens of likes/comments from people I didn’t know.

The Reel ended up getting over 30,000 views, which was enormous relative to my small(ish) following of just a couple thousand! I couldn’t believe it, this was my lightbulb moment. If I could reach 30,000 people/potential clients lip syncing to a Ross Gellar soundbite, I knew I could take my marketing to a whole knew level going this direction.

So I kept working at it, and now I have multiple Reels with millions of views.

Most importantly, I am getting consistent business from them. In fact, most of my business is coming from Instagram and referrals.

Here is my viral recipe with the tips and tricks that you can utilize to blow up your Reels and enhance your social media presence.

Reels 101

When posting reels, there are a few rules you’re going to want to try to follow if at all possible:

1. Keep your Reels short: between 6-9 seconds long. People have a short attention span these days, and if your Reels are longer than this people are probably going to get bored. You want to keep your Reels short, entertaining, and to the point. Have a solid hook at the beginning that draws them in immediately so they don’t scroll by.

2. Add Value: Use Reels to share any knowledge or valuable information you have with your audience. People are interested in real estate and want to learn. Use Reels/your social page to educate and share as much valuable information as possible. I like to use my Reel as the hook to my caption where I provide an explanation of the topic in my video.

3. Add text to your video. Make sure you’re adding words ON your actual video that apply to real estate. Don’t just use the caption for writing. Half the people won’t read the caption. Put words over your video and use the caption for lengthier explanations. Text also keeps people engaged in the video who might be watching on silent.

4. Use good lighting and dress the part. Make sure you are either in front of a window or using a ring light when creating your Reels, so the video looks nice and bright. Instagram suppresses videos that are bad quality, blurry, or dark. You also want to dress professional so you look the part! It’s hard to be taken seriously when you’re in your basement in sweats.

5. Use trending audio. This is audio that you can find when scrolling on the explore page. If you are talking in your Reel, add music from the main library and turn the volume down so it doesn’t interfere with your message, but still gets pushed with the other Reels using that same audio. Think of trending audio like a powerful hashtag!

6. Be consistent! Like any form of lead gen, doing it consistently is what makes you win. You wouldn’t just door knock once, or cold call once, or sit one open house, so post as many Reels as possible and be patient with the results.