Nothing on Instagram is guaranteed. You can spend hours filming and editing the best real estate content the platform has ever seen…but then it flops. 

It is extremely frustrating investing so much time and money into content that doesn’t perform well. Trust me, I have put out thousands of posts, podcast clips, green screens, and carousels for @thebrokeagent and @nowbam that do nothing and it’s an enormous momentum killer and ego hit. 

But, there is one tactic/hack that is sort of a silver bullet on Instagram. And now more than ever, I suggest you use it.

Ready? Here it is…

Repost old content that has performed well in the past.

Just get over it and do it. 

For years, I thought that every single post on @thebrokeagent had to be a completely new, original concept. I was worried that if I reposted something or repeated the same caption, my audience would tune out. Then, in 2018, I started doing #ThrowbackThursday content (remember that hashtag?), where I would repost content that performed well years ago. To my surprise, those reposts performed even better than the original post almost every single time. 

Now, reposting is a pillar in my content strategy.

Here’s why:

  1. Less than 10% of your audience even sees your content. This is a humbling fact, but it’s true. A large majority of your audience never sees your posts and, therefore think they are seeing the reposted content for the very first time.
  2. Nobody cares. Another humbling fact is that nobody cares about your content like you do. You may remember every single post and caption that has been uploaded to your feed, but nobody else does. Your audience will either forget you posted it before or they will not care and still engage. People aren’t sitting there with a scorecard counting how many times you recycled the same post. If that were true…I would be a dead man.
  3. Your audience is new and different. If you have been uploading content consistently, you have probably gained new followers who have never seen the original content. So, to them, your post is completely new and original. Also, the way the IG algorithm works now is that it pushes your content to a new audience of non-followers and your audience, testing to see how it will perform with people outside of your network (aka people who have never seen the original post). This new TikTok-like “For You” algorithm lends itself perfectly to reposting old content.
  4. If it worked before it will probably work again. Something about that post connected with people. It will most likely have a similar effect.

How to Get More Engagement when Reposting Old Content

Ok, so now that you are convinced to repost old content, here are some tips on how to do it the right way:

Let’s start with something Actually Agents just shared in his Broadcast Channel: 

As you can see, Actually Agents took old videos that crushed and simply re added the captions organically on Instagram. 

What’s important is he didn’t just repost the video as-is. He used Instagram’s interface before posting to make the video appear more organic (to Instagram). With this strategy, he is racking up millions of views. 

You can also: 

  • Change up the caption
  • Add a new audio
  • Shorten the video
  • Add some context at the end to make the video slightly different and more organic (again, to Instagram)

The main point is to at least add something with Instagram’s UI so it doesn’t recognize the video as a complete repeat. 

Other Ways to Repost Old Content

By the way, reposting old content does not mean just reuploading the same thing. It can also mean reposting old CONCEPTS. 

If you had a text-based post that performed well, turn that into a Reel. I do this all the time on @thebrokeagent where I turn Reels to Tweets, Tweets to memes, memes to Reels, and Reels to carousel posts. 

One of my favorite tricks is to do a “swiper of old bangers,” meaning I will post 3-5 Reels that crushed in the past as a carousel post. For example, I just did this on the 4th of July and ended it with a promo for our virtual event, BAM BBQ, which you should all attend. (Sign up here!)

Another tip is to make sure the content you repost is evergreen. Obviously, you don’t want to re-upload a Reel about 3% mortgage rates since that is no longer relevant. I wouldn’t repost the viral Will Smith slap meme unless it was around the Oscars. Be cognizant of the timing of your content to make sure it’s still relevant for today’s market. 

Here’s an example of a repost from last year on the 4th to this year. The only thing I did differently was add a little bit to the text and change up the audio. It got more engagement this year than last.

Finally, it’s important to wait a little. Meaning, don’t repost something that performed well a week ago because that would be insane. Give it a few months before you re-upload so your audience forgets about the first one.

Summer is the perfect time to try out this strategy because people are checked out, hot, and hungover (at least today). Content can seem dry over the next couple of months, so spice it up with some posts that you know already performed well.

Hope this helps!

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