Coming up with content is hard. It’s my literal job and I wake up almost every day with no idea what to post on @thebrokeagent. But, I have a little trick that helps me and can help you on those days where you just got nothin’. Ready!?

Repost and restructure old content from your own page.

That’s right. Pull up your profile, scroll, and repost your best performing content. I started @TheBrokeAgent account seven years ago, so I have a nice bank of 4,000+ posts to pull from. For years I avoided using the same photos, captions, or videos because I wanted to be original with every new post. But, I realized that the people following me today didn’t necessarily follow me back in 2015, 2019, or even last week. I also realized that there are only about 20-30 “funny” real estate jokes and if I didn’t recycle some of them I would be dead. Did you know fathers think they are home inspectors? 

I started reposting old content a few years ago for “Throwback Thursdays” and noticed they performed better than they did the first time. That’s because my following had grown and most people never even saw them. That’s what you need to realize: less than 10% of your followers actually see your posts. 

How to Repost Today

As Instagram continues to evolve, I have also changed my strategy. I no longer just post the exact same thing from before and I no longer do it on “Throwback Thursdays” because I’m not a 70 year-old who just discovered Facebook. Today Instagram PUNISHES content that is not original, even if it’s from yourself. They have a software that recognizes photos, videos and text to see if they have been posted before. An easy fix is to change it up a little. 

For me, I can change a meme into a Tweet, a Tweet into a meme, a video into a meme, a meme into a video, or tweak the concept a little with different wording or style from the original. Some of the most engaging posts that I’ve done recently are from older videos that I change into Reels. I will go back to posts before summer of 2020 (when Reels came out), find my best performing videos, download them with the Repost App, or screen record them, and then format it for Reels. The secret sauce is to add a sick song to go with it that provides more context.

I just reposted this one. It was one of my most successful videos a couple years ago and now, posted again as a Reel, has almost half a million views. I added “Don’t You Worry Child” which was a great touch. 

Yes, this strategy can work for agents too. If you’ve been active for a few years you should also have a large bank of content to choose from, especially if you’ve been following my content posting strategy, which you can download in my free ebook, “Your Weekly Instagram Prescription.” 

Here are some REPOST ideas FOR AGENTS

Hint: Look to repost videos and posts that already performed well. The concept is already proven and posting content that got no engagement again would be an act of insanity.

Take an old listing video, use a green screen in Reels, and tell a story about the sale. 

Take a market update/breakdown that you posted and explain how the market is different today with other graphics in comparison or with a different caption.

Repost Reels that performed with different audio/music and with slightly new edits or captions.

Do a recap post of all of your recent sales. 

Look at the comments on your old posts and try to form content around what people are saying or asking. One of my main sources of content is the comment section.

Tell a story about an old photo/video and what your mindset was then vs. how it’s changed now. Take a look at this genius post Byron Lazine just made about how he’s evolved as a content creator:

You get the point. Use your own Instagram for ideas, repost content that performed well, and change it up a little. BAM! Fresh “new” content forever.