What does a popular toy from the 90s have to do with the real estate industry? The clue lies in the history of a toy that started out as a new twist on a remote control. 

Dan Klitsner, the genius inventor of the Bop It! joins Matt Lionetti and The Broke Agent to discuss how he came up with the idea for his iconic toy, what role social media played in his success, and how Bop It! has evolved. 

They also reveal how he became a guest on today’s episode of the Over Ask Podcast.

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

00:0000:48 Back to the ‘90s for the origin story of Bop It.

09:50 Did anyone ever question the design? 

10:50 Did you know this was a hit right away?

13:40 Why is a toy creator on the Over Ask Podcast?

17:37 Until you started putting your face on social media

20:09 When did it start to become successful? 

21:55 What has the presence on social done for you and Bop It?

23:15 Your success gives you credibility, and your failures make you human. 

26:30 A Bop It for Machine Gun Kelly.

1:00:00 Giveaway announcement!

Click here to watch the full episode.

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