Tom Ferry posted a graphic this week that simply read: 9%

This attention-grabbing post is the first topic of discussion on this week’s Walk Thru. Hosts Byron Lazine and The Broke Agent are joined by Katie Day and Jason Cassity, sharing what agents can do as the media scares consumers and what made TF’s post so powerful. 

This week’s panel also discusses how you can share information about elections in your community without polarizing anyone—and without being annoying. Because let’s face it, with Midterm Elections coming up, we’re all getting sick of spam calls and texts. 

To end the show, the conversation turns to Elon Musk, his Twitter takeover, and how monthly payments for verification could change social media.  

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch:   

00:0001:19 Intro

01:20 Topic #1 – Tom Ferry’s 9% post

08:42 The best question to ask buyers in today’s market

10:43 A guest appearance from The Broke Agent’s dog

11:01 Topic #2 – Midterm Elections

15:34 Content ideas surrounding Midterms

18:51 Topic #3 – Elon Takes Over Twitter

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