FUBCON is just 16 days away—a little more than two weeks. And we all know how quickly that time will pass. 

September 25–28
Los Angeles, CA

Here’s why you should definitely not pass on FUBCON 2023:

  • Six legendary keynotes
  • Five hands-on breakouts
  • 35+ speakers (including Tim Grover, Tom Ferry and Jon Cheplak)
  • Hands-on training with FUB “Deep Dives”
  • Zero filler 

You get all that in three value-packed days in sunny Los Angeles. And by the time it’s over, you’ll have a playbook for scaling your real estate business and facing any challenge the market (and your competition) can dish out. 

You’ll learn from keynote speakers, workshops, and panel discussions how to make millions of dollars in sales and how to build a thriving real estate business that works for you. 

Also, as a BAM reader, you can save 30% off your first ticket by using our discount code: bam_vip30. You can also save 55% on any additional tickets. So, if you have any friends who are also looking to scale their businesses next year, grab a few extras. 

What is FUBCON

The FUB in FUBCON is, of course, FollowUp Boss—one of the top CRMs in the business. One of the goals of FUBCON is to help you master FollowUp Boss and gain powerful insights from it. 

You’ll also learn simple but lesser-known strategies from top performers in the industry that will enable you to “unleash the full potential” of your own FUB account.

FUBCON is also about immersing yourself in a community of high achievers, top-producing agents, world-class trainers, and leading voices in the real estate industry. This is a networking opportunity like no other.

Use it to start conversations and build connections with people who’ve accomplished what you’re working to accomplish yourself, as well as those who are as motivated as you are to learn and grow as real estate professionals. 

Create long-lasting relationships with successful solo agents and big-name teams in the industry, learning and getting inspiration from million-dollar producers who will become your biggest cheerleaders as you tackle new challenges and close more deals. 

These are people you’ll want to hang out with more often, as much for their company as for what you can learn from them. 

The FUBCON Advantage

Those who attend FUBCON even once come away with tactics and best practices that are actually working for the speakers who share them—proven advice on closing deals, following up with leads, making the most, and mastering your tech stack. 

Learn from industry legends who will leave you better equipped than ever to dominate your market and become the knowledge broker your community needs. 

With the right strategies and systems in place, you’ll hit your revenue goals with half the effort. Sooner than you think, everyone in your circle will wonder how you managed to scale your business to millions of dollars in sales so quickly. You’ll have more time to spend with the most important people in your life. You’ll finally take that vacation you’ve been putting off for ages. 

All because you attended this conference and learned something you might never have learned otherwise. Everything changes when you get the playbook that puts you leagues ahead of most of the agents in the industry. 

Granted, you might not see the value of this conference if you haven’t yet experienced what it’s like to be surrounded by the most brilliant minds in real estate. 

If that’s you, we’d like to invite you to join the BAMx community. Connect with other real estate professionals in the BAMx Facebook group, and get 24-7 access to our growing collection of online courses, webinars, and other content created to help you grow as a knowledge broker and real estate content creator. 

What you know can make all the difference in how your business grows this year and into the next. Build on that by attending the most valuable conferences in the industry. 

Learn more about FUBCON here. And get your tickets while they last.