This week, Danny Deals invites creator, personality, co-host of the Over Ask Podcast, and fellow BAM contributor Matt Lionetti up to his hotel room for another episode of Between Two Lock Boxes.

In just 9 minutes, Matt and Danny cover:

  • How much he had to pay The Broke Agent to be posted on his Instagram for the first time
  • The career he would choose if he wasn’t doing real estate
  • Why his photo is hanging in the backroom of a sunglass hut
  • The one thing he would change about the real estate industry
  • If he would rather dress as a clown or carpool with his clients with no radio to every showing
  • How he has used the law of attraction to gain a following and achieve his biggest goals
  • His shifting focus to speaking and content creation from selling real estate
  • Whether or not dressing like he’s going to “My Chemical Romance” concert affects his business
  • Why he considers his dinners with his wife marketing meetings
  • Who he looks to for inspiration

Watch the full episode to find out Matt’s LEAST favorite guest on the Over Ask Podcast:

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