Join hosts The Broke Agent and Matt Lionetti as they sit down with Zach Goldsmith, a 20-year veteran of the industry with a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.

From his early days in stand-up comedy to his current role as a top luxury real estate agent, Zach shares his journey and the lessons he’s learned along the way. Discover how he prepares for $65 million listing presentations, how he handles deals that don’t go as planned, and how he won back a client on a recent deal.

But that’s not all – Zach shares how Jeff Hyland’s mentorship has shaped his career and helped him become one of the most successful agents in the business. Plus, how his superpower as a chameleon helps him connect with clients and why he recently made the move to join Mauricio Umansky’s The Agency.

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00:00 04:10 Intro

04:55 How Zach went from stand-up comedy to real estate

10:00 Why Zach doesn’t make calls

13:37 Being a chameleon is a superpower

17:17 Zach’s move to the Agency (and being jealous of Matt)

26:31 How Zach navigated his sphere to enter the world of ultra-luxury real estate

29:45 Prepping for a $65M listing

37:35 Winning (and losing) based on your personality

38:50 What Zach learned from Jeff Hyland

42:50 A listing presentation that bombed

48:12 Winning back a client through optimism 

53:34 What Zach does on the days he doesn’t feel like getting out of bed

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