This week on The Massive Agent Podcast, we’ve got The Real Jason Duncan, and we’re talking about exit strategies. 

If you’re an agent, have you thought about how you’re going to wind up your real estate career? Or are you planning to just keep showing homes and writing offers until you die? Most of you haven’t thought of this, so this episode is for you. And if you have, but you’re still not sure what to do about it, this is your answer.

Our guest on the show today is a master. He’s an expert at helping business owners exit their businesses without actually selling. Jason calls it “exit without exiting.” 

This is about beginning with the end in mind, making certain strategic choices right now to structure your real estate business as an actual business—putting people and systems in place so you can remove yourself from the equation while continuing to earn the income. 

This episode is packed with actionable tips. So, if you’re a business owner, and you’d like to build a future where you’re not stuck grinding all day to keep yourself in the green, you’ll want to take notes. 

After this episode, head on over to Jason’s website and check out his new book, with a title you can probably guess. In it, you’ll find everything we talk about today—and plenty more. If you see yourself as an entrepreneur, you need this book (and so do I). 

Listen to the podcast above or click on any of the timestamps below to watch. 

00:0009:28 Intro

11:48 What does it mean to “exit without exiting”?

16:10 What is hero syndrome—and how do agents “get over it.”

20:15 Everything boils down to mindset

20:59 Why he hired a business coach and how it changed everything 

26:52 One question his coach asked that lit a fire under him

28:52 Step 1: You have to embrace delegation

32:19 Step 2: Eliminate (unproductive) stress: If it doesn’t move the needle, quit doing it.

41:03 Reactive people aren’t leaders; they’re responders. 

42:11 Step 3: Establish systems & processes

44:37 Jason’s 3-part sales system

47:17 Google Suite, SOPs, and shiny object syndrome

51:24 The right question to ask your clients after you’ve just shown them a house

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