This week on the Over Ask Podcast, Matt Lionetti and The Broke Agent clear the air on some of their most recent controversial content and why it’s okay (and even fun, sometimes) to disagree. 

From there, they tackle some of the over-the-top comments they’ve received on their content, including those from agents who felt “personally attacked” by their opinion on whether agents should interview restaurant owners. Briefly but effectively, they explain why their disagreement with some agents on this topic is not equivalent to a personal attack. 

It wasn’t a “Don’t do this” or “You’re not a good agent.” It was “This is our opinion; take it or leave it.” They also invited anyone who disagreed with their opinion to join them on Over Ask to debate the issue. So far, no takers. 

Next, they talk about some of the things they hate about the industry while sharing tips for consistently growing your content. 

They wrap up with a discussion on the brilliant new real estate commercial Matt created with his real estate partner Anna Oliver

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

00:0000:23 Intro

00:23 Reactions and opinions on interviewing restaurant owners

07:25 What we think of the term “digital mayor” 

11:10 We don’t have to agree on everything; opinions are not personal attacks

13:50 Criticism is necessary for content to improve. 

15:55 You can disagree with someone without attacking their character 

19:37 Instagram handles with “Buying with,” brokerage names, etc.

23:55 The “rockstar agent”

25:15 “You guys are just doing stuff for clickbait.”

29:23 Double-ending deals

34:27 Matt and Anna’s real estate commercial

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