It’s the most wonderful time…of the year!!! Clients are traveling, and prospects are ghosting with holiday cheer! Saying let’s just hold off…till next year!! 

Personally, I love the month of December because there are giant themes to trendjack and create content around—the holidays, the winter market, charity,  family, travel, and, of course, the worst day of the year, NYE. 

Also, it’s the best month to separate yourself from the majority of agents who already checked out for the year.

Here are some content ideas for the rest of 2023!


December 1st

Not an official holiday, but now that Thanksgiving is over you have carte blanche to hammer holiday-themed content and audios for the next 25 days.

Here are ten ideas that can be feed posts, carousels, or Reels:

    1. Naughty & Nice List: Make a funny list of people who deserve coal in their stockings vs. the people who deserve to be showered in gifts. For example, your Naughty List can include agents who don’t answer the phone, agents who use the word “wow” in property descriptions, friends who use other agents, appraisers who ruin deals, dads who ruin inspections, neighbors who poke around your open house, etc. Your Nice List can include agents who leave out water bottles at opens, friends who refer you to clients, and clients who actually know what they are looking for. 
    2. Holiday Wishlist: Make a list to Santa for your dream gifts: maybe the only thing on the list is Referrals.
    3. Festive Home Tours: Do a Reel compilation of the neighborhoods with the best holiday decorations. You can also talk about the average sales price and perks of each neighborhood as you go through it to show your market knowledge.
    4. Send out a newsletter of the local holiday events to your database. This will be much more effective than your generic email blast telling everyone it’s Christmas.
    5. Highlight a charity and show your community involvement.
    6. Show what it’s like to be a Realtor in the winter: dealing with frozen lock boxes and shoveling snow at listings. Or you can do some winter house hacks detailing how homeowners can prepare for the cold.
    7. Use Holiday-themed audios in your Reels and Tiktoks. 
    8. Film yourself doing “Gift drop-offs” for your clients. 
    9. Post memes with Christmas movies: Elf and Home Alone always hit and get great engagement.

    10. Post a Reel with the hook: “Should you decorate your house if it’s on the market?”

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December 7th – 15th: Hanukkah/Chanukah

(There are like 20 spellings btw, but these are the two most popular.)

I am Jewish and HATE when Chanukah is this early. It gets lost when it’s not around the same time as Christmas and it sucks to have already opened your presents before all the other kids! But, I’m an adult now so it doesn’t matter (it still matters). 

Anyway, eight nights is not a reason to send eight email blasts in a row to your database. Instead, send a personal card or gift to your Jewish clients—and don’t forget it starts in a week! 

December 24th: Christmas Eve

Family content for your stories. Show your traditions. Post nothing. Delete your account.

December 25th: Christmas

Again, NO generic holiday graphics!

December 31st: New Year’s Eve 

Leading up to NYE and through the first week of January is a great time to post your 2024 housing market predictions. It makes a great hook for a Ree, and everyone will be interested in what their agent has to say on rates, inventory, and prices. 

Make a joke about hitting up all the prospects who said they wanted to wait until the New Year.

Do a 2023 year in review: Homes sold, total volume, happy clients – these can be fast-paced Reel compilations or carousel slideshows. 


As I mentioned in last month’s content blog, the holidays are a time to keep it positive and give back. Combat the awful housing market headlines from the media and make your clients feel good about their situation. 

December is also the time to double down on relevant content with the ideas I mentioned above. You should be able to look at your Feed and see an obvious transition into the winter and holidays. The most effective posts capture the general merriment of how everyone feels at that moment. Meaning, don’t post a random podcast clip on Christmas Eve if it has nothing to do with the holidays, and don’t post a Just Sold template on Christmas just to post something. 

Always keep your content relevant, and it will perform much better.


Elon is going viral for telling advertisers to f*** off. 

Taylor Swift is still going strong. 

“All I Want for Christmas for You” by Mariah Carey will be streamed ten billion times. 

College Football Bowl season begins. 

It’s getting colder. 

Bitcoin is going up. 

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Boom. Have a great holiday season!