On this week’s episode of the Over Ask Podcast, San Diego real estate agent and YouTube legend Dan Parker joins Matt Lionetti and The Broke Agent to discuss, first of all, how he gets 63% of his business from YouTube.

The conversation starts with the type of video Dan started with and why he pivoted away from it, followed by the creative process behind the videos that attracted (and continue to attract) buyers interested in moving to San Diego.

From there, he reveals how he gets and converts leads, the reasoning behind his content buckets and YouTube playlists, and how he gets short-form content from his long-form videos.

Finally, The Broke Agent goes into detail on how Dan’s videos retain his audience’s attention from start to finish—and what agents on YouTube can draw from that.

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch:

00:0000:34 Intro

03:24 Dan’s first videos and why he pivoted from restaurants

05:43 What Dan’s business looked like before YouTube compared to now

06:53 The creative process behind his first successful videos

17:19 What Jason Cassity asked Dan Parker about video

20:29 Dan’s biggest challenges with YouTube

22:18 The average time it takes to film a video

26:44 How much each video nets (in terms of setting appointments)

33:28 Dan’s YouTube playlists

34:45 Which type of video gets the most views?

38:22 What Dan is doing with his live-streams—and what not to do with them

47:38 How many people he has on his team

50:17 One of Dan’s best videos on Instagram—and what every agent should take from it

50:59 Personal vs. real estate content: is there a ratio to shoot for?

57:34 How Dan keeps his audience’s attention throughout his videos

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