On this week’s episode of the Over Ask Podcast, jack-of-all-trades and LinkedIn all-star Conor Murnane joins Matt Lionetti and The Broke Agent for a conversation packed with knowledge bombs for making waves on Instagram and LinkedIn. 

Conor worked as an agent with Trulia before it was acquired by Zillow. Two years ago, he started making videos to make six figures—without dancing. And what he’s learned about LinkedIn is something every agent needs to know. 

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch:

1:47: “How I’ve used short-form videos to make six figures without doing any dancing.” 

2:29: Building relationship equity

7:43: Conor’s take on the top 5 platforms realtors should be on right now

8:30: Email and Instagram Stories

10:00: Why LinkedIn? What makes this platform worth an agent’s time and attention?

12:00: Organic reach is crazy on LinkedIn. What should agents be posting?

15:11: How should agents build their following besides just posting?

18:02: What are you teaching agents to do? How do you tailor it to them? 

20:00: The biggest mistakes Conor sees agents making on video

25:15: “Do you have any videos on your page that are super-cringe…?” 

27:26: Conor talks about his Instagram strategy and how effective it has been

29:20: Recommendations for agents on how they should go live

36:51: “How before its time was Vine?”

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