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Ever feel that pang of anxiety when you hit the “Reels” button on Instagram, knowing you have to show your face on camera? You’re not alone—but, there’s a simple hack for you!

B-roll and faceless reels are really popular right now, making it easier for those who are camera shy to still engage and captivate their audience. B-roll is just video footage where you aren’t directly speaking to the camera, which means you can create dynamic content without ever having to show your face.

These videos take only a minute or two to make, and don’t require you to be on camera at all! Keep reading for a quick step-by-step guide to making faceless reels yourself.

Why B-Roll Reels are Perfect for Real Estate Agents

Even if you love being on camera, B-roll reels are a perfect tool for real estate agents to mix up your content. They allow you to leverage the power of “show, don’t tell.” A short, captivating video showcasing a stunning kitchen can be far more impactful than a static image.  

Beyond property highlights, B-roll reels also let you demonstrate your local expertise. You can film snippets of vibrant streets, charming cafes, and beautiful parks to give viewers a feel for the special qualities of the neighborhoods. 

Finally, B-roll reels are a time-saver. By filming short clips throughout your day, you can easily edit them together to create a compelling reel without a huge time investment.

Turn Your Daily Grind into Engaging Content

Think beyond the typical (and frankly, boring) real estate listing photos or just closed posts. B-roll allows you to capture the essence of a neighborhood, the excitement of a property tour, or the behind-the-scenes hustle of a top agent – all with short, dynamic video clips.

Here’s how to transform your daily activities into captivating Reels:

  • Capture the Vibe:  Film a quick 5-second snippet of a charming neighborhood street.  Let viewers envision themselves strolling down the sidewalk or enjoying a coffee at a local cafe.
  • Become a Fly-on-the-Wall:  Document your day!  Show a glimpse of driving to a showing, touring a stunning property, or setting up for an open house. These authentic moments build trust and connection with potential clients.
  • Focus on the Process:  Think paperwork is dull? Not when you frame it right!  Film yourself organizing listing materials or filling out paperwork with efficiency. It subtly communicates your dedication and organizational skills.

Step-by-step Guide to Making Faceless Reels

Step 1: Record B-roll

Record a 5-10 second clip of a neighborhood, property, or something else you want to highlight. You don’t need to worry about the audio or talking since you’ll be adding music or sound later. 

Step 2: Add Video to Instagram

Open Instagram, click on the + button and select the “Reel” option. Next, select the 5-10 second video clip you want to use for your reel. Then click the blue “Next” button.

Step 3: Add Audio

Select the “Audio” icon on the left side of the screen. Then, choose the song or audio you want to play in your video.

Step 4: Add On-screen Text

Now, add text to your reel. Focus on adding value in one way or another, whether it’s through providing information or entertaining your audience. 

Below are some examples of title text you can add on top of your videos. After your title, use additional text to elaborate on each point.

  • Top 3 Reasons Millenials Are Flocking to [Neighborhood]
  • Secret Hidden Gems: Must-See Spots in [Neighborhood]
  • The Ultimate Guide to Buying Your Dream Home in [Neighborhood]


Use a strong CTA in the caption for your B-roll/Faceless reel. For example:

“Whether you’re looking to buy to sell in [neighborhood] – or just want to get a free home valuation in YOUR neighborhood, DM for more info!”

B-Roll reels are SO EASY to make, and they do great on social media right now. But if the process is too daunting, I can help you. Click here to learn more about everything ReminderMedia offers for digital marketing—including social media automation!