Think about the last time you were swept up in the frenzy of a blockbuster movie premiere. Trailers playing everywhere, billboards dominating cityscapes, social media electric with anticipation.  The carefully crafted marketing machine of major studios is designed to turn a film into a cultural phenomenon.

The same is true for new releases from Apple—product launches have become full-on events that the media and consumers wait for every year. 

Now, think about translating that buzz to your real estate listings.  

Sounds impossible, right?  Not necessarily.  The truth is, the marketing strategies behind those heart-pounding premieres (and those irresistible Apple product launches) can be adapted to fit the world of real estate, even on a smaller scale.

Keep reading for how to take a page from the marketing playbooks of major corporations and create an “omnipresent” approach to elevate your listings above the competition.

Why Omnipresence Matters

What do major movie premieres and Apple’s product launches have in common? They create anticipation, marked by a strategy that ensures their presence is felt universally.

In the world of real estate, we’ve recently seen this approach with, which launched a billion-dollar marketing campaign starting with four Super Bowl ads in February. It seemed like the very next day, was everywhere—cars wrapped with ads, social media influencers posting their partnerships, and industry websites showcasing ad banners. has been clear about its goal: to become the most-visited portal in the industry, and they are stopping at nothing to get the attention of consumers and industry professionals alike. 

For real estate agents, it’s not enough to rely on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) to get the word out about a property. The concept of omnipresence in marketing can be adapted to increase the visibility of your listings and impact in local markets. By creating a scaled version of these grandiose marketing efforts to fit your budget, you can make every listing a mini-event of its own.

How to Create  Blockbuster Listing Launch

Here’s how to create a blockbuster launch for your listings, drawing inspiration from the marketing giants:

Build Pre-Launch Buzz

Kick off with a “Coming Soon” campaign that utilizes social media posts, targeted online ads, and even teaser videos, much like a movie trailer that hooks the audience’s curiosity. 

This doesn’t mean you have to create a full-out production. To keep it simple, take inspiration from Apple’s announcement that dropped this week. Subscribers got an email with the subject line: “Watch a special announcement from Apple,” followed by a simple image and CTA:

The “Learn more” button brings consumers to the Apple Events page, where consumers can add the event to their calendar. This piques curiosity and makes people want to know more. 

Real estate agents can do something similar, with a zoomed-in image of one feature from a property, or an enticing stat, like Katie Lucie did in a recent Instagram Story: 

For listings with unique selling points—be it historic architecture or a record-setting price—reach out to media outlets for an exclusive sneak peek, setting the stage for heightened anticipation.

The Big Reveal

Once it’s time to share all the details for the listing, combine traditional methods with modern reach. Print ads in local publications go hand-in-hand with dynamic online promotion. Just as a film would use broad-reaching trailers across various platforms, ensure your property’s presence is felt across all media.

To truly amplify your reach, think about strategic placements with an outdoor presence. You may not be able to fit large-scale billboards or bus wraps into your budget like blockbuster movies can, but smaller-scale outdoor advertisements can still be highly effective. Consider using digital billboards, street pole banners, or even lawn signs in high-traffic areas. These options can provide significant visibility at a more manageable cost.

Additionally, don’t overlook the potential of local partnerships. Engaging with nearby businesses to display your flyers or sponsor a community event can expand your reach within the neighborhood, fostering a local buzz that’s both cost-efficient and impactful.

The Event Experience

For newsworthy properties, host a broker open that transcends the usual walk-through. Incorporate music, refreshments, and interactive experiences that allow visitors to feel genuinely connected to the property. Be sure to invite the media and local influencers to amplify your message across various platforms. 

As far as client events, draw inspiration from Apple’s early product launches that started in theaters and grew into major events. Organize a special event to showcase the property. Make it memorable, ensuring it’s an experience that attendees will talk about, much like a premiere night for a new film. Krys Benyamein recently did this for an open house:

Sustain the Momentum

The power of the press is undeniable. A feature in a local or national publication can elevate the property’s profile significantly—not to mention get your name in front of more people. But don’t just wait for the media to come to you. Pitch your listing as newsworthy (think historical significance, unique features, or record-breaking price) and offer exclusive access for the right outlet.

Social media influencers are another way to keep the momentum going. Partner with local tastemakers or real estate enthusiasts to spread the word organically through their networks.  By combining traditional press coverage with the power of social influence, you can ensure your listing stays top-of-mind long after the initial launch.

Finally, capitalize on any positive press or feedback by turning them into marketing materials. Positive reviews and features can be powerful testimonials that you incorporate into future listings, presentations, and pitches. This sustained effort ensures that the initial burst of exposure evolves into a long-term advantage, enhancing your reputation and the perceived value of the property you represent.

Success Story: Lost Creek Ranch

Latham Jenkins, a top Realtor in Jackson Hole, has mastered marketing for luxury properties. By going beyond listing features to tell a story, he is able to sell properties at a premium and garner national recognition at the same time. 

Take, for instance, his Lost Creek Ranch listing. By showcasing the ranch’s stunning beauty and unique location next to Grand Teton National Park, Jenkins captivated a global audience. The property wasn’t just a collection of buildings; it was a luxurious escape into the heart of Wyoming’s wilderness:

This storytelling strategy paid off in a big way. Lost Creek Ranch became the fourth most popular ‘Listings of the Day’ on Mansion Global in 2023, ranking alongside celebrity estates like Harry and Meghan’s Montecito home (which held the top spot).

Final Insights

So, what’s the big takeaway from marketing giants like Apple or Marvel Studios? 

The key to success lies in omnipresence—being everywhere your potential buyers might be looking. Whether it’s through partnerships with local businesses, strategic advertising, or leveraging the power of social media and press coverage, your goal is to make every listing a mini-event that captures and holds attention.

With these strategies, you boost your visibility and position yourself as a forward-thinking agent capable of delivering extraordinary marketing experiences. So, take a page from the playbooks of Apple and blockbuster movies, and start planning your next big property launch. Your audience is waiting.