After more than 2,000 comments across multiple platforms and careful review of every entry, BAM’s Real Estate Word of the Year 2023 is…


Not exactly as sexy as Oxford’s Word of the Year (rizz), but it’s the word we’ve all been spelling out in our sleep lately. 

The second half of 2023 felt like a soap opera script, starting with sexual harassment claims against NAR before industry lawsuits stole the spotlight. The Sitzer/Burnett trial kicked things off in October, and ever since the verdict was announced on Halloween (spooky, right?), we’ve learned about eight new copycat lawsuits seeking class-action status. 

Pertaining to “a claim or dispute brought to a court of law for adjudication,” the real estate industry has had its fair share of lawsuits in 2023. So many, in fact, that most of you are tired of hearing about all the new ones popping up. Not that we can blame you. You have houses to sell, after all. 

The Finalists

The Broke Agent asked the question on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter (X), receiving thousands of comments about what the real estate word of the year should be. 

We gathered them all, sorted them by the most amount of likes, and narrowed them down to the winner. 

Aside from “lawsuit,” some of the top entries for the real estate word of the year include:

  • 6%
  • Shitshow
  • Alcoholism
  • DAFUQ/F**k/F**kery
  • Pivot
  • RealAtor (mispronounced, of course)
  • Rizzflation
  • Waiting
  • Ghosted
  • Tears

Not exactly an optimistic group of words. But there were a few rebels in the mix, like “opportunity” and “perseverance,” to keep things interesting.

As for those who couldn’t keep it to just ONE word, here are the most-liked multiple-word phrases for 2023:

  • Highest&BestByNoonTomorrowGoF**kYourself 
  • “Help me, I’m poor” meme 
  • Maybeishouldtrygettinganotherjobafterall 
  • Ramen be hittin in 2024
  • Emotional damage 
  • 2-1 buydown

We sincerely hope that next year offers a better outlook than 2023 did for all the commenters. 

For those ready to leave these terms—along with any excuses tied to them—behind in 2024, join us in BAMx. It’s the best platform and community the industry has to offer.