BAM Key Details:

  • Nearly 70% of parents want to see early education and child care added to mixed-used developments, according to a survey conducted by OnePoll and Primrose Schools. 
  • In addition, 88% of respondents value proximity to their child’s care center, and 87% expressed the importance of quality child care when deciding where to live.

Live-work-play developments have been on the rise for nearly a decade. But parents say a crucial element has been missing from mixed-use communities—early education and child care.

A recent survey conducted by OnePoll in collaboration with Primrose Schools has shed light on what parents want, with nearly 70% expressing their longing for child care options into live-work-play developments

Parents Value Proximity and Quality of Child Care 

The survey, conducted in April 2023, highlighted the significance of family-friendly environments within mixed-use communities. Overwhelmingly, 88% of survey respondents expressed a strong preference for living and working near their child’s care center. 

Parents are not solely driven by the proximity of early childhood centers but also by quality. Of those surveyed, 84% say they are significantly influenced by access to quality child care when deciding where to live. 

The survey shows that parents want it all: a well-rounded lifestyle that seamlessly integrates work, play, and access to quality education for their children. And they want it all in one community. 

The data is clear. Families want the real estate industry to add learn to live, work, play developments. We’re encouraged by the continued interest from developers and brokers who recognize the long-term value early education brings to their projects and the communities they are built to serve.

Nick Koros

Chief Development Officer, Primrose Schools

A Catalyst for Business Growth

The incorporation of early education offerings within mixed-use developments may not just fufill parents’ desires, but it could also support business growth within communities. 

The survey highlighted that 87% of parents are more inclined to support and shop at businesses located near their children’s child care centers. For mixed-use communities that already have retail and commercial businesses on site, the addition of child care could generate increased foot traffic, creating a vibrant and thriving community.

Realizing the Vision

With schools in mixed-use developments in D.C., San Jose, and Atlanta, among others, Primrose Schools is pioneering the concept of “live-work-play-learn communities.” In these developments, early education centers coexist with residential, retail, and workspaces, providing parents with unparalleled access to the education and care their children need.

Primrose Schools has successfully partnered with real estate leaders to reimagine commercial spaces into thriving schools in a variety of urban and suburban mixed-use settings. These partnerships have delivered innovation and helped expand access to quality early education and care to create brighter futures for children and families.

Jo Kirchner

Chief Executive Officer, Primrose Schools

The survey findings demonstrate the demand for early education and child care within mixed-use communities, as parents prioritize proximity and quality in their decision-making. 

With some developers now recognizing the value of incorporating these services, a wave of collaboration could reshape mixed-use communities across the United States.