Let’s talk about “Sneak Peek” videos. 

Yes, there are other types of videos you can create for your listings aside from listing videos and  “Just Closed” videos. 

These videos go beyond a “coming soon” post and build excitement for what’s coming in the area. And when done correctly, these types of videos go beyond marketing for consumers and help you stand out to builders, developers and investors in your area. 

Read on below for how three agents are creating sneak peek videos for new single-family homes, developments, and short-term rental properties. 

New Single-Family Construction

Let’s start by looking at a construction update from Paige Steckling.

Paige stands confidently in front of the unfinished house and tells the audience directly how stunning it will be. From there, camera work and some drone shots showcase the current stage of the new build. 

The video takes you through the entire house, showing the views from the windows and how spacious it is going to be. The footage also shows off breathtaking views of mountains on a clear sunny day. The key here is promoting your property in the best light possible—in this case, showing what it looks like on a beautiful day, illustrating the views Utah has to offer, and reminding people that Augusta Fine Homes always builds stunning homes.

She ends the video with a call to action that is sure to entice buyers feeling frustrated by today’s market: 

“It’s scheduled to be completed this fall—but if you want to scoop it up before it’s done and avoid any bidding wars, now is your chance. For more info on the beautiful finishes going in and all of the upgrades, send me a DM.” 

New Development

Another version of a ‘Sneak Peek’ video is from Shane Burgman—this one for a new development.

Shane shows off the development of a neighborhood in Aripeka, Florida, while sharing the most unique fact about the area: builders will preserve many of the trees, making it a “cooler” place to live.

In the caption, he describes the development to “blend the allure of Old Florida with modern living,” which is sure to catch the attention of consumers. Immediately you start to imagine what the neighborhood and the properties will look like with just a few words.  

Shane highlights more in his caption by promoting the “4 award-winning custom home builders” (Lifestyle Homes, Stanley Homes, CDS Builders, and Joyal Homes) constructing this new community. 

Finally, Shane directs interested viewers to his YouTube video, where he goes more in-depth about the Aripeka area. 

Short-Term Rental and Mixed-Use Property

Jon Hodge created a sneak peek for “the largest short-term rental in Memphis.”

Not only was this video easy to create—some video shots from a phone paired with the upbeat “Running Up the Hill”—but it’s brought him lead after lead. 

In a BAMx Facebook post, Jon said,

Crazy, it was just shot with an iPhone. I edited it in the app. Simple but effective. I’ve had more people contact me about JVing (joint venture) deals than any other video.

Jon Hodge

Sneak Peek Videos Make You Stand Out

In the world of real estate marketing, staying ahead of the competition is crucial. Sneak peek videos offer a unique way to generate excitement and captivate potential buyers, developers, and investors. By showcasing unfinished properties, new developments, or short-term rental opportunities, these videos provide a tantalizing glimpse into what’s to come.

Regardless of the property type, these videos can be instrumental in attracting attention, fostering engagement, and generating leads. They allow viewers to imagine themselves in the space and envision the possibilities that await. By strategically promoting unique features, builder partnerships, or exclusive pre-completion opportunities, real estate professionals can leverage sneak peek videos to stand out in any market.