Grandma Nat,” as this TikToker calls herself, has a growing library of videos that get views in the six figures. And her latest is approaching seven. 

It’s no wonder, either. The energy she brings to every listing video is contagious—with dance moves that match the audio she uses for each listing video. 

Energy like that is tough to just scroll past—which is why her videos get so many views! 

“Everybody dance now”

The background music track is a 90s favorite by C&C Music Factory, which many of us remember from aerobics or dance classes–-or just from when it used to play all the time

This is music to dance to. And Grandma Nat matches the energy of the music with her high-vibe dance moves. 

Since the music is from the 90s, it’s not likely to be silenced by Instagram for copyright protection. This means viewers can enjoy watching and listening to this video on repeat, pretty much the way we heard it on radio stations way back when—but this time by choice

Hooked on a feeling

The total impact of this video reminds me of a quote that keeps coming up—much like the audio for this TikTok: 

People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou

In a sea of listing videos, those that stand out tend to evoke a feeling that stays with their audience. And this video is a prime example of that. 

Not only does Grandma Nat’s enthusiastic dance routine rub off on the property she’s advertising, but it also lives on the viewer’s memory—both auditory and visual—leaving a positive, uplifted feeling that gets viewers saving the video, sharing it with others, and engaging with it. 

Plus, an agent with this kind of energy is likely to attract business simply because most people wouldn’t do a video like this. 

This is a woman who could easily start a flash mob and make it tough for the rest of the group to keep up with her. 

Who wouldn’t want to approach each day feeling like that?

Here are a few audience reactions to give you a sense of how much people are loving Grandma Nat’s approach to real estate marketing


TikTok and Instagram are full of listing videos that look pretty similar to each other. To get lingering views on your properties, you need to stand out with one or more of these qualities:

  • A unique and engaging presentation style (like Grandma Nat)
  • Surprising information about the property that makes it more attractive 
  • Images that demand a double-take

People have different reasons for watching a listing video on repeat. This one just happens to be better than coffee for waking up in the morning. 

Here are a few more examples of listing videos that are easy to watch on repeat: 

How do you make your listing videos stand out?