Creating content is a lot of work. So it’s fair to question how much time and effort should be poured into creating videos for social media—especially when you need to make calls, show homes, write up contracts, and anything else that’s thrown your way throughout the day.

But instead of questioning the amount of time it takes to create content, let’s focus on the more important question—this one posted by Sam Reifman-Packett in the BAMx Facebook community: 

“For those of you putting out consistent video content on social media, what’s the 1 video that has brought you the most amount of business/leads compared to all others? Not talking number of plays/metrics, but actual business leads.” 

Sam recognizes two things when asking this question:

  1. Being consistent is key. 
  2. Views and likes are great, but what really matters are those business leads. 

Several BAMx members chimed in, and today, we’re sharing some of the responses with you. 

Here are four types of videos that generate leads for real estate agents.  

Long-Form Educational Videos

When potential buyers and sellers are ready to make a move, they actively seek information about the home buying or selling process. By creating long-form educational videos, like the ones Tom Storey excels at, you deliver value and build authority

This single video has already gained Tom 12 appointments and 5 sales in 2023 alone:

These videos may not be the most entertaining videos on YouTube, but they are packed with information. Those who are serious about making a move will likely watch the entire thing—and they’ll be sure to remember you when it comes time to select an agent. 

Targeted “I Have a Buyer” Ads

Jason Cassity creates targeted ads for his buyers on Instagram—and he’s seeing results because of it. 

This ad starts off with the hook, “If you’re seeing this video, it’s on purpose,” to grab the attention of the viewer. From there, he shares what his buyer clients are looking for:

  • The type of home
  • Preferred neighborhoods
  • Timeline
  • Budget

Not only do these videos have the potential to capture the attention of someone thinking about selling their home, but they also resonate with other buyers in the area. Because who doesn’t want an agent willing to go above and beyond to find them a home?

Niche Videos 

Not all lead-generating content has to be directed towards buyers or sellers—and it certainly doesn’t need a high view count either. 

The video that got Byron Lazine the most business was a niche video targeting builders on how they should market their developments.

It had a total of 12 views. 

But one of those views was the sister of a local builder, who shared the video with him. This led to a meeting, and eventually, the builder fired his agent of 20 years and gave Byron his first new development. Not only was he able to close nine homes to sell out the development, but Byron leveraged that deal for more new development work. 

Local Market Updates

Local market videos prove that consistency is key. By sharing housing market data month after month, you position yourself as the local expert in consumers’ minds. 

Kyle Kelly has found that when buyers and sellers are ready to make a move, these videos keep him top of mind, increasing the likelihood of converting prospects into clients.

If you’re a real estate agent looking to boost your lead generation and solidify your position as a trusted authority in the market, remember it’s all about creating the right types of content for your audience. By incorporating at least one of these video types into your content strategy, you can generate valuable leads, foster trust, and set yourself apart from the competition.