As a real estate agent, your success lies not only in your knowledge of the market but also in your ability to engage potential clients effectively. Crafting a compelling Call-to-Action (CTA) can be a game-changer when it comes to sparking conversations, securing valuable information from leads, and setting appointments

Keep reading for 50 CTAs for real estate agents—tailored to different aspects of your business, from exploring property listings to setting appointments and providing valuable resources.

Exploring Listings

Whether you craft a listing video, post sneak peek photos, or send an email showcasing your latest listing, these CTAs can encourage interested consumers to reach out. By incorporating these into your marketing strategy, real estate agents can effectively capture lead information while offering valuable content and services to potential clients.

  1. Stop by our open houses in [neighborhood] this weekend.
  2. Want to explore other homes available for sale in [city]? DM me for more info.
  3. This new construction is scheduled for completion in [season]—reach out to learn how you can customize it to your preferences!
  4. Have questions or want to schedule a walk through? [DM, email, call] me!
  5. Want to be the first to see the photos of this coming soon property? Let me know, and I’ll email them to you!
  6. Sign up to get a sneak peek of upcoming listings in our weekly email.
  7. You’re invited! Learn about the open house details here [with link].
  8. Visit our website for a full list of available properties.
  9. DM me for information about this dream home. 
  10. Link in bio for more information on this property.

Setting Appointments

When speaking with prospects, the goal is always to land a face-to-face meeting. These CTAs aim to encourage potential clients to take the next step and meet with you in person or virtually. By offering personalized assistance and valuable insights during the appointment, you can build trust and rapport with your prospects, leading to successful real estate transactions.

  1. I’d be happy to provide you with a no-obligation property assessment. When is a convenient time for me to visit your home?
  2. Let’s set up a video call to discuss your real estate goals and how I can best assist you.
  3. Have questions about the [buying/selling] process? Use my calendly link below to schedule a time to chat. 
  4. I’ll be in your neighborhood tomorrow. Would you like to meet and explore the local real estate market together?
  5. To ensure you receive priority access to newly listed homes, let’s schedule a call to discuss your criteria.
  6. Our team will be hosting an exclusive property tour this Saturday. Reserve your spot now for a personalized experience.
  7. Our team will be at [community event] this weekend. Swing by our booth, and we can chat about your housing preferences.
  8. Our team is offering complimentary market analyses this week. Book a time to discuss your property’s potential value.
  9. Let’s set up a meeting with a mortgage lender to learn how you can give a competitive offer in today’s market. 
  10. Looking for a profitable investment? Let’s meet and strategize your real estate portfolio.

Providing Value

Using these CTAs, real estate agents can provide valuable resources to potential clients, positioning themselves as knowledgeable and reliable experts in the market. Remember to deliver high-quality content that genuinely adds value to your audience’s real estate journey, whether with a guide, webinar or a newsletter.

  1. Download our comprehensive homebuying guide for free.
  2. Get our comprehensive seller’s toolkit. Enter your email to receive your copy.
  3. Sign up for our newsletter for access to exclusive off-market property deals.
  4. Join our [social media] community for real estate news, market trends, and community happenings. 
  5. Our team is hosting a [event] for members of the community. Come join us for food, drinks, and [offer for consumers].
  6. Secure your spot for our upcoming home seller’s workshop. Learn how to maximize your property’s value in today’s market.
  7. I’ll be hosting a live virtual tour of our latest listings. Don’t miss this chance to find your perfect home – RSVP now.
  8. Sign up for our webinar series on real estate investment strategies.
  9. Discover the top 10 remodeling projects that add value to your home. Download the checklist here.
  10. Get our checklist for a smooth home closing process here!

Leveraging Market Trends

People want to know how national and local market trends impact their home buying and selling decisions. By sharing information on national and local market trends, real estate agents can empower consumers to make well-informed decisions regarding their home buying and selling journey. Position yourself as the expert who can guide them through the complexities of the real estate market, and provide valuable insights that will set you apart as a trusted resource in your market.

Here are some ways to share that information with consumers in your market:

  1. Stay informed on the latest real estate trends with our weekly market update – Subscribe now!
  2. Discover the impact of [national headline] on [city]’s real estate. Call or email to learn more.
  3. Join our live webinar on understanding [city] market fluctuations and making informed decisions whether buying or selling. 
  4. Download our report on the current state of the housing market.
  5. Explore the top 5 national housing trends and how they affect local buyers – Get our trend analysis guide.
  6. Curious about the best time to buy in [city]? Learn more here!
  7. [City name] made the [national trends report] list! Learn what that means for your property here. 
  8. Want to know how national migration patterns impact [city]’s real estate market? DM for details. 
  9. Stay informed on the latest housing policy changes that may affect your real estate plans. Sign up for details. 
  10. Learn how to interpret national and local market data to identify profitable investment opportunities – Attend our data analysis workshop.

Email CTAs

When emailing leads, you want to spark conversation. Here are some questions to use at the end of your emails—each is an open invitation to respond and continue the discussion.

  1. Does this make sense to explore how we can [Positive outcome]?
  2. Do you want to learn more about what [Outcome] could look like?
  3. Are you open to learning how to get [Desired outcome]?
  4. Does it make sense to chat about [Positive outcome]?
  5. What sounds most intriguing to you about this?
  6. Would you say this aligns with your top initiatives?
  7. Is this a challenge you are facing right now?
  8. Are you interested in learning more about [Desired outcome]?
  9. Interested in unpacking how we can help with [Pain]?
  10. Are you interested in exploring this solution?

Remember, tailoring CTAs to suit your target audience and your specific real estate market will yield the best results. By doing so, you’ll be equipped to captivate your audience, provide valuable information, and ultimately establish yourself as the go-to real estate expert in your market.